Hello Volkswagen, software-enabled cars are just the beginning.

Digital transformation enables automotive manufacturers to think more like a software company. Get our perspective on the future of mobility experiences for Volkswagen.

“Today, people buy experiences, not products.
Products aren’t the main differentiator anymore.”

Shantanu Narayen

Chairman, President & CEO at Adobe

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How smart Europe is personalizing smarter.

Personalization at scale is no simple feat. See how smart Europe have implemented an integrated approach that allows them to combine data from across their organization and touchpoints to deliver a seamless, digital first omni-channel experience.

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How TSB Bank is banking on hyper-personalization.

From winning over organizational hearts and minds to putting the customer at the heart of their business – see hyper-personalization in action as TSB Bank takes you through their journey.

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How to implement your data-driven future.

Enjoy exclusive access to insider personalization secrets with our roundtable discussion. Discover how Allianz and other industry’s leading experts are approaching personalization as they share real-world examples and experiences, covering everything from requirements to implementation.

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How to take your customer experience to a whole new level.

The best content stems from the purest data. By taking a holistic approach to the customer experience, you’re able to overcome many of the challenges marketers are facing. It’s time to break down data silos and deliver a consistent customer experience. Here’s how.

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Digital business drivers for Volkswagen

Let your data do the driving, form a new type of relationship through digital, and get a clearer view of customers to create epic digital experiences — be in the app, in cars, or on your website. Discover all these insights and more for your software-enabled future in the exclusive flipbook for Volkwagen.

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Get inspired by other big brands

How BMW Group generated more online leads

The premium dealership experience dealership is key to making customers feel valued and appreciated. Learn how BMW achieved this through authentic and relevant digital experiences, increasing leads and their conversion rate.

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Simplifying for global markets with Philips

To better support their more than 500 content authors working at different locations around the world, Philips built a new digital platform that helped redefine their digital identity and improve performance-reducing cost by 90%.

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Put your data to work in real time.

Discover how the Adobe Experience Platform can help to transform all your data —Adobe and non-Adobe — into robust customer profiles that update in real time and uses AI-driven insights to help you to deliver the right experiences across every channel.

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Your digital engineers

Meet Maximilian Happel and your entire Adobe team. We’re here to help accelerate your business plans. Why not challenge us to show you what we can do?

“Volkswagen’s focus on digitization and electric vehicles clearly shows their drive to be a disruptive force in the automotive industry.“

Maximilian Happel
Strategic Account Executive


+49 173 852 1503

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Steve Hilpert
Senior Customer Success Manager

“I am looking forward to expanding the trusted and successful collaboration between Volkswagen and Adobe.”

hilpert@adobe.com | +49 172 828 0331

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Matthias Recktenwald
Senior Solutions Consultant

“I am inspired by Volkswagen Group’s vision to shape the future of mobility.”

matthias@adobe.com | +49 172 672 1649

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A closer look under the hood.

We assembled a team of experts to get you where you want to be. Meet the people you’ll be working with and discover a diverse set of skills, interests and unique talents.

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