Personalisation at Scale

Make personalised experiences a part of every customer moment.

Modern marketers know that experience makes all the difference. Customers don’t just want products — they want to engage with brands in a way that feels personal, authentic and human. We know it’s not always easy to make every connection personal, but we have the tools to help you to succeed.

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Personalisation at scale in the era of AI.

Generative AI is revolutionising what’s possible with personalisation at scale. Traditional customer experience technology infused with generative AI lets marketers work faster, more efficiently and more creatively.

Today, Adobe GenAI is transforming what it means to personalise the customer experience. For brands to remain competitive, they need to be forward-looking in how they implement generative AI in their personalisation efforts and Adobe GenAI is leading the way.

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Use these building blocks to deliver personalised experiences.

The graphic shows an example of personalized marketing content varying from a trigger event when a customer likes a post. The trigger initiates an update to the customer profile to show user behavior affinities and the resulting generative AI output for marketing content variations using her customer profile preferences.


1. Make data central to your personalisation strategy.

Combining data, AI-powered insights and customer profiles is essential to understanding and curating experiences for any customer, at any stage in their relationship with your business. Adobe GenAI now makes it possible to get real-time data insights through a conversational text-prompt experience. Build your personalisation data foundation on these principles.

Prioritise data unification.
Collect and organise first-party data from all your sources and centralise it into a full view of your customer. Apply data governance to ensure data is used responsibly and effectively across your whole organisation.

Establish and maintain real-time customer profiles.
Understand your customers’ preferences and behaviours. Collect omnichannel data and stitch it to a single ID at a customer or account level that can be accessed and activated across channels.

Develop an omnichannel view of customer journeys.
Know where each customer has been to predict where they’re going next. Explore the entire customer journey across every channel and interaction to create more immersive experiences moving forward.

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2. Create a supercharged content supply chain.

It takes a lot of content to do personalisation at scale. With the power of generative AI and an integrated content supply chain solution, you can scale content creation, improve agility, accelerate speed to market and increase content ROI.

Scale content creation and delivery.
Use Adobe GenAI-powered content creation tools to accelerate the speed and scale of content creation and to instantly create the variations you need to serve all of your channels. You can also use it to turn assets into engaging customer experiences and to get insights on how your content is performing.

Create your centralised content library.
Manage all assets across your organisation in a single repository to easily ingest, remix, govern, manage and distribute assets for downstream marketing activities.

Make collaboration easy and efficient.
Orchestrate and accelerate work with automated workflows and approval processes. Provide transparency into workstreams so leaders can make data-informed decisions and improve resource allocation.

Unlock your content supply chain

An image showing the content supply chain assets that are ready for approval, the Workfront approval notification, and the final advertising content asset mockup.
A graphic showing the content journey optimization features and functionality for deploying a/b experiments and generating actionable marketing insights from the test data.


3. Every customer journey has unique qualities.

With a strong data foundation and content supply chain, Adobe Journey Optimizer builds on that to give customers personalised cross-channel engagements that drive customer loyalty. Tools like Adobe GenAI can assist everything from designing and writing emails to discovering audiences.

Orchestrate personalised journeys across all channels.
Use real-time data to personalise experiences and offers delivered across websites, mobile apps and campaigns, while keeping content consistent across inbound and outbound channels.

Lean on intelligent decisioning.
AI-automated decisions give you the edge to react to real-time insights and engage customers at the right moment.

Make B2B journeys personal too.
Use Journey Optimizer to improve visibility and insights into accounts and buying groups. Co-ordinate inbound and outbound channels to deliver the right experience to your buying committee, no matter where they are in their journey.

Measure to optimise.
Customer Journey Analytics gives you real-time insights across your entire customer journey allowing you to optimise your personalised experiences, online and off-line.

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4. Design a shopping experience that holds their attention.

Brands need a powerful B2C or B2B commerce platform with the capabilities to satisfy customers’ expectations for better shopping experiences across a wide range of interactions and channels.

Introduce highly individualised shopping experiences.
Pair personalised site content with AI-powered merchandising tools to create unique shop front experiences and offers specific to each customer’s unique wants and needs.

Develop deeper customer understanding with shared data.
Update shopper profiles with valuable commerce behavioural data to deliver deeply personalised experiences throughout the customer journey in the right context, at the right time.

Create closer customer connections.
Offer personalised shopping journeys to individuals by delivering contextualised messaging that motivates them to take action.

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An image of the various AI-powered personalization options available on the Adobe commerce platform. This example shows product descriptions, payment method options, and a Google lighthouse score panel.

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