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Selling cars, car parts, and accessories involves hundreds of different manufacturers, models, and release years, creating millions of choices. Even the average family car has 3,000+ parts, performing at high speed and precision. Yet customers expect a simple, seamless experience that feels as easy as buying a smartphone.

Why Adobe Commerce for automotive?

Why Adobe Commerce for automotive?

The perfect fitment
Create multiple product variables that connect multiple databases to help your customer confidently find the right part for their car. Learn more from our Solution Partners who specialize in Automotive.

Mobile under the hood
When your customer is under the hood of their car, they need to locate the required car part without stepping away. With Adobe, your customers can find the right part and process payment, right from their phone.

Integrated relationship data
Deliver accurate, realtime information to your customer with a robust integration across databases and inventory management. And orchestrate complicated integrations, processing logic, and routing with ease.

Demystify complex products
Make complicated product options easy for your customer by enabling custom ‘fit my car’ tools. Easily walk them through options perfect for the make, model, and year of their vehicle.


“Adobe Commerce, in collaboration with YouWe, helps us achieve our goal to stay ahead and go beyond.”

Arthur van Koetsveld
European Head of eCommerce, Vink Holdings

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With Adobe ecommerce software, you can offer complex product options, kits, bundles, and custom attributes.

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