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Acquire and keep customers in a cookieless world with Adobe

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Customer journey analytics

Understand your data across the customer journey


Real-time personalization

Personalize in real time to create real customer loyalty


First-party data driven advertising

Expand, acquire, and attribute


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The power of first-party data for first-rate experiences — today and tomorrow

The downfall of third-party cookies is shaking up digital marketing. But by focusing on the data you own, you can create new opportunities to deliver personalized experiences in real time to all the right audiences — so they get value, feel valued, and become long-term, loyal customers.

This is where Adobe comes in. Here’s how.

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Understand your data across the customer journey

In a cookieless world, the ability to understand interactions with a prospect or customer in the context of their whole journey is crucial. Every click must deliver value to them while helping you understand who they are, what they’ve already done, and what they want to do now. And it goes beyond clicks.

Our customer journey analytics product lets you sequence data from every action — online and off — into a single view and discover new strategies for acquisition and retention that don’t rely on third-party cookies.

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Customer data platform
Real-time customer profiles


Personalize in real time to create real customer loyalty

The end of third-party cookies will change personalization forever. When a first-time visitor comes to your digital front door, you can no longer be sure you’ll know anything about them. But their first impression still matters.

With our customer data platform, you can deliver real-time personalization that changes on the fly in response to live behavior and user choices alike. The result is a personalized experience that meets a visitor’s needs right now and converts more prospects into loyal customers.

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Personalization engine
Customer journey management


Expand, acquire, and attribute

Of course, you still need to reach customers outside your own domains. And again, first-party data is key. By starting with first-party data, you can partner with channels who reach your audience. Then you can create lookalike segments and layer in second-party data to expand your target market.

With our products, you can do all this with real-time machine learning models so you can reach high-value prospects and turn them into higher-value customers.

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Explore other capabilities in this section:

Customer data platform
Second-party data exchange
Customer data platform



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