News, Media, & Telco – Evolving the Publisher Use Case - S321

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  • Ryan Fleisch

    Ryan Fleisch

    Head of Product Marketing, Real-Time CDP & Audience Manager, Adobe

  • Ben Campbell

    Ben Campbell

    Director of Advertising and Data Products, Nine

About the session

Whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser, now is the time to reimagine audience discovery and activation. Market forces are driving the urgency to rethink how brands can create, build, and activate audiences while enriching the profile without depending on third-party cookies. Get inspired on innovative strategies that can help turn your first-party data into scalable segments that are built for a world without third-party cookies.

Learn how to:

  • Push the boundaries of first-party data responsibly
  • Create high-value audiences that scale
  • Deliver rich segments that drive conversions

Track: Analytics, Insights, and Activation, Adobe Experience Platform

Technical Level: General Audience

Presentation Style: Thought Leadership

Session Type: Session

Audience Type: Advertiser, Campaign Manager, Database Marketing Manager, Digital Marketer, Marketing Executive, Segmentation Specialist, Audience Strategist

Business Type: B2C

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