Email Creation

Create beautiful, personalised and responsive emails in a variety of ways whether you do your creative and coding in-house or work with partners and agencies.

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Your customers expect more than catchy subject lines and basic personalisation in email — they want messages that add real value to their lives. And you need the flexibility and tools to design appealing emails that reach your customers no matter what screen they’re using.
Customise our ready-made email templates that are compatible on both web and mobile or use Adobe Campaign's new Email Designer to create emails without having to write a single line of code. If you choose to build out your own template from scratch, import it from an URL directly into Adobe Campaign or leverage our integration with Dreamweaver to seamlessly display your code in the Email Designer.

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Email designer (NEW)
Visually create personalised emails from scratch or use customisable templates and content fragments without any coding. Simply drag-and-drop fragments into the email editor in Adobe Campaign.

Email templates
Prefill the HTML content, audience and delivery parameters to save time creating future marketing activities and customise these templates to fit your needs.

Inbox rendering
Send with confidence by seeing exactly what an email is going to look like across hundreds of email clients, browsers and devices before you ever hit the send button.

Dreamweaver CC integration

Edit Adobe Campaign emails in Dreamweaver CC and synchronise content seamlessly, no matter where you make changes.

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Be creative in every aspect of emails.

We interviewed experts and uncovered six ways you can bring creativity to customer's inboxes and add value to their email experience.

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Triggered emails

Automate emails responses from Campaign or integrate with Adobe Analytics to trigger customised remarketing emails based on individual user actions.

Email testing

Design A/B email tests using up to three variants to determine the biggest customer impact*.* Then, preview what your email will look like on more than 70 web, mobile and email clients.

AI-powered emails

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe Campaign analyses and predicts open rates, optimal send times and probable churn based on historical engagement metrics.

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Make your email personal.

Learn how to use technology and innovation to personalise your email for each of your customer’s needs in this article on Adobe Insights.

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Integrate email design.

Go to our documentation to learn how to create emails in Dreamweaver and automatically sync them with Adobe Campaign.

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