Adobe cookieless support: how to acquire and keep customers in a cookieless world

Tracking user behaviour through cookies will soon become a thing of the past. Read our take on a world without third-party cookie data – what it means for you, and how it can lead to better, more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Acquire and keep customers in a cookieless world with Adobe

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The power of first-party data for first-rate experiences — today and tomorrow

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The power of first-party data for first-rate experiences — today and tomorrow

The decline of third-party cookies is shaking up digital marketing. But by focusing on the data you own, you can create new opportunities to deliver personalised experiences in real time to all the right audiences — so they get value, feel valued and become long-term, loyal customers. 

Introducing Adobe’s cookieless solutions. 


Build for a first-party future as the cookie infrastructure erodes

What’s in the Identity Cookieless Jar? 1st Party Data!

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FAQs about living in a cookieless world

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What does it mean to be cookieless?

Going cookieless means giving up your reliance on the use of cookies to track user movements. These little snippets of data used to give brands an insight into customer behaviour. However, Google has now begun a process of ending support for third-party cookies, forcing marketers to change their approach to targeting customers and deepening brand-customer relationships. 

How does cookieless work?

Giving up cookies may mean sacrificing a reliance on third-party user data – but it also presents a great opportunity for marketers to understand customer behaviour. By replacing cookies with first-party data – unique brand-owned user data with direct consent from users on your platforms – you can access fresh audience insights and offer enhanced personalisation.

What is meant by the ‘cookieless future’?

For marketers, the ‘cookieless future’ is a world in which you won’t have access to data from third-party cookies. Find out more in our webinar The Future of Management in a Cookieless World – or read about other key terms in the Cookieless Glossary.


See how our customers are building great experiences and succeeding with Adobe

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See how US Bank shares insights, evolves customer data and optimises digital experiences across channels.


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Personalisation at Scale without Third Party Cookies


The crumbling of third-party cookies hinders brands’ ability to understand the customers they interact with and to provide value to them across their journey. Learn how Merkle and Adobe’s partnership can protect your vision and keep you connected to the customer journey.


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Acquire and keep customers in a cookieless world with Adobe