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Navigating PRISA's journey to enhance user experiences on over 240 million devices monthly with Adobe Experience Cloud.



Employees: 7,200

Madrid, Spain



Increase in click-through rates for advertisers by using segments from real-time profiles


Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Target

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Build a central platform to manage user data for more than 240 million monthly devices

Optimise content delivery by combining editorial insights with data analytics

Boost paid subscription growth with user-centric sales and marketing strategies

Innovate data monetisation while transitioning portfolio for a cookieless environment

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Ingested data from 15 sources, including web and app navigation, account creation, subscription, email and ML models, to create actionable profiles

Used consolidated data from varied sources to deliver the right content to the right audiences

18% increase in conversion rates across newsletters using propensity models

40% increase in the click-through rate for advertisers by delivering more targeted ads

For millions of Spanish-speaking people across Europe and America, PRISA is the number one brand in education, news, music, sports and entertainment. With a footprint of 23 countries, PRISA content reaches 240 million devices every month. Notable brands include EL PAÍS, one of the leading Spanish-language daily newspapers; Cadena SER, Spain’s leading news and information radio station; and LOS40, a top music radio station and online music service in 13 countries.

“After decades as a leader across print and FM radio, PRISA has embraced growing digital experiences by expanding to web, mobile apps and smart speakers,” explains Nicolás Lozano, Data Strategy Director at PRISA. “While the digital media landscape is intensely competitive, our recognised brands and curated content give us a significant advantage over other companies. We possess deep insights into the preferences and media habits of over 240 million devices who engage with our brands monthly.”

While PRISA had a lot of data, it lacked a way of activating it at scale. It wanted to target people with messaging that would keep them engaged, connect advertisers with relevant audiences and discover insights that might lead to new products or services for customers. At the same time, PRISA needed a way to manage consent and comply with international privacy regulations at massive scale.

By adding Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform to the company’s existing Adobe Experience Cloud products — including Adobe Analytics, Campaign, Target, Audience Manager and Adobe’s data collection tools — PRISA is promoting its PRISA ID initiative to create a single data-driven identity for each customer.

“We chose Adobe Experience Cloud because it offers an open tech stack approach and a holistic set of user experience management capabilities,” says Nico Lozano. “Having all of the features we need in one technology platform allows us to seamlessly use data to connect with readers, listeners and viewers across media properties.”

“Using segmentation to deliver more relevant ads to customers, we’ve increased the click-through rate for our advertisers by 40%, building even greater trust with our advertising partners.”

Manuel Castro

Monetisation Director, PRISA

Understanding customers through a single holistic view

PRISA uses Adobe products to achieve a deep understanding of its customers. Analytics provides insight into user behaviours and tracks performance across channels, helping teams identify high-performing channels and effective sources of traffic.

Marketers started keeping in touch directly to audiences using Campaign to send email newsletters related to their interests. Teams created more than 100 newsletters to reach audiences with the most relevant information and messaging. PRISA then added Target to grow subscribers by delivering the most relevant offers to people across web properties, increasing retention and time spent consuming content.

After Salesforce announced the sunsetting of its DMP solution, PRISA sought a platform that would seamlessly integrate both anonymous and known user data. Their goal was to build a data monetisation portfolio that was prepared for a cookieless world and equipped with data clean room capabilities. This led to the adoption of Real-Time CDP, which enables PRISA to create centralised and actionable profiles for its audiences. Data is ingested from more than 15 data sources, including web and app behavioural data, customer subscription information, social media log ins and call centre insights.


PRISA develops segments using these customer profiles in near real time. Marketers working for any brand can use these segments to help reach customers more effectively. Using propensity models to send people the right newsletters has helped increase subscribers, with conversion rates increasing 18%. Segments are also pushed into third-party systems such as Triton and Xandr through Audience Manager.

“We’ve already seen great results from migrating to Real-Time CDP, with much higher match rates for users,” says Manuel Castro, Monetisation Director at PRISA. “Using segmentation to deliver more relevant ads to customers, we’ve increased the click-through rate for our advertisers by 40%, building even greater trust with our advertising partners.”

“With Real-Time CDP, our teams can easily validate hypotheses and automate use cases.”

Nicolás Lozano

Data Strategy Director, PRISA

Democratising data across non-technical teams

Consolidating information from varied sources such as navigation, registration, email engagement, call centre feedback and paid subscription status used to be a laborious task. Real-Time CDP has revolutionised this process for PRISA, easily bringing data together so that any team can take advantage of the insights.

“In our line of work, with the breadth and diversity of data sources we deal with, reliance on technical teams or hard data extraction was once the norm,” says Nico Lozano. “With Real-Time CDP, our teams can now easily validate hypotheses and automate use cases.”

Leading the future of media

With the CDP in place, PRISA is ready to leverage data to power transformation across brands. Greater personalisation will help to attract new subscribers, keep the audiences engaged with relevant content and connect audiences with advertisers. Having a holistic view of customers will help uncover greater upsell and cross-sell opportunities, as well as potential areas for new digital businesses.

“First-party data is one of the most powerful assets to have in modern marketing, but having an ecosystem that simplifies its activation is even more crucial,” says Nico Lozano. “With Experience Cloud, we can make the most of our data to improve experiences for both our audience and advertising partners.”


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