Personalization through artificial intelligence.

Swisscom improves speed and returns on tests through machine learning and Adobe Sensei.

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Employees: 20,000
Ittigen, Switzerland


Identifies cross-selling opportunities



Maintain market lead by delivering content and experiences customers want

Reach customers efficiently with high levels of personalization

Reduce time and labor spent optimizing online experiences


Increases returns on tests

Reduces labor to create personalization

Identifies cross-selling opportunities

Seamless workflows between Adobe solutions

Delivering innovative customer experiences

With services ranging from mobile phone services, television, internet, and telephony, Swisscom is the leading telecom provider in Switzerland. The company has over 6.6 million mobile customers, 1.4 million television customers, and 2.3 million broadband connections—an astounding market share for a country with a population of 8 million.

One of the reasons that Swisscom has gained such a large market share is its dedication to innovation and technology. The company’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning department develops and implements AI services to serve customers across Switzerland, from intelligent search features to accurate speech recognition. But Swisscom isn’t just interested in how it can provide AI services directly to customers. For the digital teams, AI has the potential to change how Swisscom understands its customers and provides superior digital experiences that will help the company maintain, and likely even grow, its dominant market share.

Working with Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, Swisscom has developed a powerful platform that allows the company to build experiences, gain insights into customer needs, and tailor customer journeys for each individual customer. Advanced capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning framework, take Swisscom’s digital platform to the next level by identifying new patterns and opportunities within the digital framework, and automating the process to achieve greater returns with less effort.

The Adobe journey

Swisscom started its digital transformation with Adobe by replatforming its websites on Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. As a Swiss company, multilingual support is a must to provide customers with support in their native language. Adobe Experience Manager serves as the content management system for all of Swisscom’s websites, from product pages to blogs to shopping carts. Experience Manager Assets stores all assets in a central location where they can be reused through Experience Manager Sites and localized for German, French, Italian, or English versions of the site.

With multilingual websites in place, Swisscom was ready for the next step of its digital transformation: using Adobe Analytics, part of Adobe Analytics Cloud to discover how customers are using and reacting to the website content. With a thorough understanding of customer behavior in place, Swisscom was then ready to use Adobe Target, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, to test and optimize experiences for customers.

“One of the biggest reasons that we enjoy working with Adobe Experience Cloud is how all of the solutions work together with seamless integration,” says Nicolas Mériel, Senior Digital Strategist at Swisscom. “With the high compatibility, we can start with one Adobe solution and add on the pieces we need as our digital strategy develops. Of course, there are the usual challenges here and there, but they are part of the endeavor.”

“With Adobe Sensei, we're bringing speed and intelligence to our digital operations so that we can create deeper levels of experience for our customers.”

Nicolas Mériel

Senior Digital Strategist at Swisscom

See it and forget it

While simple AB testing allows Swisscom to improve experiences, Adobe Sensei enabled capabilities in Adobe Target allows Swisscom to improve returns and speeds as well. For Swisscom’s mobile product pages, all versions of a smartphone or other device are displayed on a single aggregate page. Customers then choose the exact color, storage, and other specifications desired for the device. Swisscom decided to test which options should be selected as the default.

Typically tests distribute visitors equally between the test options to discover which option performs better. With real-time analysis from Adobe Analytics, digital teams can monitor progress of the tests to spot trends and manually adjust distribution or options if needed.

The Auto-Allocate capability, powered by Adobe Sensei, automatically adjusts traffic based on performance to maximize returns. If conversion rises when customers are presented with the silver version of the phone instead of the black version, for example, then Auto-Allocate will start funneling more customers towards the silver version. Conversely, a poor-performing option will see less traffic. This overcomes the issue with manual AB testing where companies cannot capitalize on the winning experience while the test is still running. As a result, Swisscom benefits from increased conversion and revenue.

“With Adobe Sensei enabled capabilities, we’re automatically improving returns without needing to manually monitor and adjust performance,” says Mériel. “We can set it and forget it, as Adobe Sensei will take care of the rest.”

Personalizing recommendations automatically

Customers are used to seeing recommendations while shopping or reading articles, but attempting to generate these recommendations manually can be a time-consuming process. The Personalized Recommendations capability, powered by Adobe Sensei, automatically curates content by identifying relationships between content, generating links, and crosslinking relevant pages based on user activity and internal algorithms. This allows Swisscom to create cross-sell and upsell opportunities without the high time cost.

Swisscom also uses Personalized Recommendations in less obvious ways to personalize customer experiences. On the help and home pages, Personalized Recommendations reorders the topics for each customer to highlight desirable topics and provide a better experience. For customers viewing the home page on a mobile phone, Personalized Recommendations will detect over 90% of the different devices in order to provide a unique “My Device World” experience with accessories, help topics, and other information related to the customer’s particular phone model. By visiting or deep-linking to the “My Device World” experience directly, Adobe Target in conjunction with Adobe Experience Manager Assets will automatically detect over 200 different devices. This smartphone-centric and unique “My Device World” experience is highly relevant as it is targeting at the digital doppelganger level and generating uplifts of almost 500% compared to the previous more manual approach.

“Personalization is an important part of developing a fantastic customer experience, but it can be time consuming,” says Mériel. “By automating recommendations using the intelligence of Adobe Sensei, we can provide even more personalized experiences while spending our time building new tests and experiences.”

Using machine learning to develop new opportunities

Auto-Target is the latest Adobe Sensei enabled capability being used at Swisscom. Much like Auto-Allocate, Auto-Target automatically identifies top performing test options and adjusts audiences to maximize returns. But Auto-Target adds audience segmentation to identify the highest performing test option for each segment. For example, a test might show that most visitors prefer a news link labeled as “Headlines”, except for young audiences, who respond better to the phrase “Breaking News.” Auto-Target would maximize returns by sending more traffic from young audiences to the “Breaking News” test option, but adjust the traffic towards “Headlines” for all other audiences.

Swisscom has started to use Auto-Target on pages such as the Sports page on its news and entertainment website to capture sports fans’ attention by personalizing the headlines of their favorite sport. By segmenting audiences based on the products and services that the customer already has, Swisscom can use Auto-Target to identify relevant upselling and cross-selling opportunities for each customer. The company has applied Auto-Target to hero banners on the Home Page and in the Customer Center. As a result, the smarter algorithmic approach in Auto-Target, powered by Adobe Sensei has generated an uplift of up to 40% as compared to random experiences by customers.

“Auto-Target is the most exciting feature out there,” says Mériel. “Once we set up an experience, Adobe Sensei will take over, using its machine learning to develop highly personalized algorithms that adjust over time.”

Looking into future innovations

Swisscom plans to continue expanding its Adobe platform, using Automated Personalization, another Adobe Sensei capability in Adobe Target, to predict customer behavior. The company also plans to expand its current usage of Adobe Campaign, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, to serve as a central hub to orchestrate campaigns across all online and offline channels.

“As a company, we’re a strong believer in the power that artificial intelligence and machine learning can bring to a business,” says Mériel. “With Adobe Sensei, we’re bringing speed, intelligence, and scalability to our digital operations so that we can create deeper levels of more meaningful and more valuable experience for our customers.”

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