Four Reasons Your Email Marketers Need To Integrate Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target

Contextually relevant marketing enhances the customer experience, thereby increasing revenue, cross-sell, and loyalty. Adobe Campaign was built to help marketers do just that. In fact, our contextual email capabilities allow marketers to target any segment, no matter how granular, so that every customer receives offers that fit them precisely. Add in Adobe Target, and those contextual capabilities jump to a whole new level.

With the Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target integration, your email marketers can go beyond delivering offers that are relevant to an individual’s identity and preferences, to delivering offers that are also relevant to the time and place an email is opened and the device it’s opened on. So no matter who opens your organization’s emails, and no matter where or when, they’ll get the best, most meaningful content possible. Need more reasons why your email marketers should be using Campaign and Target together? Here are four.

1. Improved email experiences

A recent Accenture survey found that 91% of consumers will choose to do business with brands that provide them with relevant offers and recommendations. But if your brand is sending messages that are only relevant to your customers’ personal data and preferences, you might be providing less value than you think.

Say your company is having a special sales event two weeks from today. Your marketers create and send an email to announce the event in plenty of time, but some customers don’t open it until after the event has passed — or they open the email the day before the event, but they’re already out of town. Instead of an event invitation, your email has become an announcement that your customers missed out. If your marketers had used the Campaign and Target integration, they could have created a back-up offer with a discount coupon that resulted in a positive customer experience rather than a fruitless one.

In order to help your marketers improve the relevancy of contextual emails, Target allows Campaign emails to be personalized based on data such as:

2. Enhanced email performance

It’s not surprising to hear that improving customers’ email experiences will improve the performance of your email. What might be surprising is just how much more likely a customer will be to engage when the email experience is tailored and timely. According to an Adobe Real-Time Marketing Insights Study, marketers who use the Campaign and Target integration to deliver contextual emails have twice the conversion rate as marketers who use Campaign alone.

What’s more, if your marketers spend the resources and time to send a relevant offer, and it becomes irrelevant upon open, then the ROI you’ll gain for that effort will be zero. Delivering an alternative offer gives marketers a second shot at compelling customers to take action, driving results for your company.

3. Increased marketing effectiveness

Working with Target specialists, Campaign marketers can enable automated A/B testing and self-learning algorithms to automate the delivery of high-performing offers. They can also combine contextual data from Target with known customer data from Campaign to greatly improve segmentation.

The results? Your marketers will spend less time building emails, and the emails they send will be more targeted, which will drive higher engagement. With the time they save, your marketers can focus on developing creative ideas and more strategic omnichannel experiences.

4. More consistent personalization

According to an Adobe Real-Time Marketing Insights Study, 77% of marketers believe that real-time personalization is highly important. Monetate research shows that customers agree: 82% said they would buy more items if emails were more personalized. This integration can help your email marketers deliver it consistently. Because the dynamic offers Target provides are delivered when the customer opens the email, your marketers are delivering the best experience possible, in real time.

Additionally, the offers and images that Campaign marketers use in their email marketing can be used to engage with the same segments in other channels. So the customer’s experience is consistent whether you engage them in their inbox or other places on the web. An added bonus: shared images have already been through branding approval, so using them can help you get to market faster.

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The Campaign and Target integration can help your marketers quickly and easily deliver meaningful, real-time email experiences that boost the bottom line. Now, get four tips and tricks that will help your teams get up and running. Read Create Emails that are More Contextual Than Ever.