Social Marketing Success Kit

How this social marketing success kit will benefit you

While popular social media platforms started as a way to stay connected with your personal and professional network, today they have evolved into powerful ways for brands to engage with buyers. As one of the most effective (and perhaps economic) means to connect with your audience, social media is an invaluable tool in your marketing arsenal.

Social media activity is higher than ever, with the number of users rising by 176 million in the last year, based on data from Social Media Today— and that number is only expected to increase. Paired with the fact that a mere 5% increase in retention can yield a 25% to 95% increase in profits, it’s clear that by using social media channels to engage with potential customers, you have a large pool of new and existing social media users to convert into buyers and returning customers.

Whether you’re looking for a tactical guide to get started, or powerful insights to level up your current efforts, this Social Media Success Kit will provide you with all the tools and information you need to strategically leverage your social media marketing channels to build your brand, drive demand, and engage with buyers.

What’s in the Social Media Success Kit?

Get started

Research options

Begin your research here with our collection of on-demand webinars and guides to learn the best ways to increase your social program’s return on investment (ROI), avoid the top ten biggest issues marketers are facing today, and much more.

Deep dive by channel

Gain access to our individual cheat sheets that break down the most important features of each channel, show how to grow your accounts, and provide visual examples, stats to build your business case, plus tips and tricks to optimize your ROI.

Access social insights

50 Tried and True Social Insights From Real Marketers
Marketo traveled to 15 cities in the U.S. for our Social Marketing Rockstar Tour, where we met marketers at all levels from every industry. During our journey, we collected insights from over 2,000 attendees about their experiences with social media marketing. We then created a curated ebook with the most powerful data, tips, and lessons learned by marketing professionals across the country. Learn the top subjects marketers care about, the rules of social engagement, plus best practices on how to measure and iterate, how to make social a group effort, and much more.

Become a power user

Acquire advanced tactics from seasoned professionals in the social media space. You will discover the best way to build a strong foundation, attract followers, and optimize everything right down to your profile picture.

Make a plan

Whether you have sign-off and are looking for next steps, or you need to justify the cost of investing in your social media channels, we can help. Use our social media tactical plan to help outline key objectives and action items for your blog, social networks, videos, photos, and presentations, as well as the number of hours you’ll need to activate your channels. We will also review how to establish goals and impactful tests for each channel.