Adobe Continues Strong Investment in Australia and New Zealand with Adobe Experience Platform

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Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) are key regions for Adobe. The market has grown over the last few years exponentially, and we don’t expect that growth to slow down anytime soon.

The key to success in this region? Knowing your customers and serving them relevant and in-context experience at every step of the customer journey. Indeed, a recent survey we conducted at Adobe revealed that consumers in Australia and New Zealand have the highest expectations in the world when it comes to customer experience. They demand seamless, personalised experiences from brands, and ANZ consumers expect those brands to know them, respect them, and delight them at every turn.

The good news is that Australian brands are viewing this as an opportunity to differentiate themselves through impactful customer experiences. And Adobe is here to help. Our Adobe Experience Cloud applications are a set of marketing technologies that empower companies to consistently and effectively manage customer experiences across channels and platforms, giving brands insight and understanding of their customers across all stages of the purchase journey.

As part of our commitment in helping ANZ brands grow, Adobe has expanded our Sydney office, and we’ll be opening a new office in Melbourne by the end of 2020. We’ve appointed Colin Rebairo as the country manager for New Zealand. He will be responsible for overseeing growth in the local market. And we’ve seen double digit growth in our ANZ employee numbers, with no signs of slowing down.

This year, Adobe’s premiere digital experience conference held in Sydney, Adobe Symposium, is expanding to become Adobe Summit for the Asia Pacific region. Adobe Summit Asia Pacific, one of only three Adobe Summit’s in the world, recognises the swift digital transformation taking place in customer experience management, marketing automation, analytics, advertising and commerce across Asia Pacific.

There are, of course, challenges to fulfilling the customer experience mandate. The explosion of digital channels and technology gives consumers ample options for how and when they interact with brands. While new ways to engage with customers continue to emerge, the old ones don’t go away. Add to that the reality that no two customer journeys are alike, and it’s easy to see why personalising experiences at scale and delivering engaging and relevant content in real time, throughout the customer journey, is a serious undertaking.

Adobe Experience Platform now available in Australia

Customer experience management (CXM) relies on the stitching together all the various data flowing through an organisation—through one open technology platform. This platform is essentially your organisation’s set of end-to-end solutions that help make, manage, measure, mobilise, and monetise experiences – all from one integrated cloud. Choosing the right technology and building one common ecosystem is key here because it helps organizations connect their data to experiences. Bringing together the data—behavioural, transactional, financial, operational, and not just CRM or other first-party data—into one real-time customer profile is imperative because it fuels analysis, decision making, and activation. Real-time data is the unique differentiator here, opening the door to a whole new set of innovations that were previously out of reach for companies.

As the industry’s first real-time platform for CXM, Adobe Experience Platform helps organisations break down their data silos, to form a complete view of customers and their needs in real time. It’s powered by Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence technology. AI is the backbone of effective cross-channel marketing, providing access to data, helping you discover hidden opportunities, making tedious processes fast, and offering relevant experiences to every customer. It provides real-time, predictive intelligence, which is crucial for any organisation that wants to provide truly transformative customer experiences.

Adobe Experience Platform brings together customer data from disparate applications to immediately provide deep insights. With a comprehensive governance, privacy, and security framework, Adobe Experience Platform also ensures that customer data is safe and secure. Moreover, the platform facilitates intelligent decision-making across the enterprise, allowing anyone – from business analysts, data engineers, data scientists, IT teams, marketers, and other stakeholders – to have data at their disposal.

A new data centre in Sydney

To foster growth in ANZ and help companies in the region deliver more value to their customers, we’re investing in an Australian data centre dedicated to Adobe Experience Platform. This benefits local brands by providing access to the latest Adobe innovations quickly and keeping critical customer information onshore.

Australian brands are fast adopting our solutions, with Australian banks, telcos, airlines, and other industries making Adobe applications their top choice for marketing technology (martech).

With a local data centre, it becomes much easier for ANZ businesses to access Adobe Experience Platform (and Adobe Audience Manager, our real-time customer data platform (CDP) – which brings together known and unknown customer data into a single unified profile to deliver more personalised experiences) as well as Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, the industry’s most advanced cloud-native content and asset management solution. Additionally, the data centre allows Australian brands to store customer data along with behavioural information within the country — a benefit to customers, especially in light of regulations like the GDPR.

Enhancing the expertise of future Experience Makers

Adobe is investing not only in tools and technologies that improve customer experience, but also in the people who deliver the best customer experience possible. Through these significant investments, Adobe aims to further boost growth in the ANZ market and help businesses in the region deliver the best customer experiences at scale.

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