Avanade to Establish an Adobe Practice

Exceptional customer experiences drive business value. A recent ROI study from Forrester validated that becoming an experience business has bottom line impact – experience businesses see 1.4x more revenue growth, have 1.7x higher customer retention rates and drive 1.6x customer lifetime value compared to other companies. Successful companies focus on creating great customer experiences by taking a consumer-centric approach, integrating transparency and user choice, to improve their business performance and ROI.

Helping our mutual customers achieve compelling and impactful customer experiences is at the foundation of Adobe’s partnership with Microsoft. Since first unveiling our partnership, we’ve made strong progress in empowering enterprise companies, both B2B and B2C, to design and deliver exceptional experiences by uniting data, content and business processes.

We’ve deepened our collaboration to help solve big industry challenges – most recently partnering with LinkedIn to accelerate account-based experiences and expanding Adobe, Microsoft and SAP’s Open Data Initiative (ODI) to advance the vision for what customer experience management (CXM) should be. With the help of our solutions and technology partners, we’ve not only extended the ability to implement our joint solutions, but also have grown the technical expertise fueling the execution of ODI.

Today, I’m excited to share another milestone. Adobe is partnering with Avanade, Microsoft and Accenture’s joint venture, to help our mutual customers rapidly develop, implement and derive value from Adobe and Microsoft’s digital business solutions. Companies around the globe will benefit from our combined capabilities to excel in CXM. Avanade will build an Adobe practice, connecting Adobe Experience Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure to provide each client with a customized solution specific to its unique needs and objectives. The Accenture Microsoft Business Group will help accelerate these opportunities.

Avanade is Microsoft’s largest system integrator and operates in close alliance with Accenture Interactive, Adobe’s 2018 Global Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year. Recognized as a leader in helping business’ invest in new technologies, Avanade has been named Microsoft Alliance Partner of the Year 14 times.

“The partnership with Adobe and Microsoft puts us in an excellent position to help our clients create hyper-relevant, future-ready experiences at scale,” commented Pam Maynard, President, Product and Innovation, Avanade. “Recognized alongside Accenture as Microsoft’s 2019 Digital Transformation Partner of the Year, our focus on human centered experiences, through our Digital Studios, will bridge the gap between Dynamics 365 and Adobe to help our clients build best of breed marketing and sales solutions.”

“Avanade is the market leader for Dynamics 365 solutions, recognized for 11 consecutive years as our Alliance SI Partner of the Year,” said Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner Chief, Microsoft. “The combination of Microsoft solutions, Adobe products, and Avanade, will help organizations transform their businesses and deliver the personalized, exceptional experiences that our customers expect.”

Leveraging Adobe and Microsoft’s joint solutions

Avanade will deliver Adobe and Microsoft’s end-to-end marketing, sales and service solutions to customers, including:

Avanade will focus on customer verticals, including banking, healthcare, retail, loyalty and membership, insurance and automotive.

Early customer success

Avanade has already helped organizations across the globe such as Venca, Spain’s first ecommerce company, to adopt Adobe and Microsoft’s technology integrations and deliver personalized experiences across multiple customer touchpoints.

Venca, for example, leverages Microsoft Dynamics365 coupled with Adobe Campaign to target the right people, with the right content, at the right time with approximately 50M emails sent annually to highlight seasonal connections and promotions. Venca has seen firsthand that customization of the precise time that emails are sent has already produced a 25 percent increase in conversion rates (more here).

Leaning into ODI

****Nearly every customer and prospect I speak with acknowledges that integrating siloed data to obtain a comprehensive view of the data consumers’ share is one of – if not the – top business challenge for their companies. ODI aims to solve this industry-wide challenge by transforming static, siloed data into structured, actionable information that provides an improved view of customer interactions and can be leveraged across enterprise solutions to further delight consumers.

Aligned to the broader work that Accenture is undertaking as an inaugural partner of ODI, Avanade plans to leverage ODI in the future to help enterprises create new connections across previously siloed data by mapping natural customer journeys to data in Adobe and Microsoft solutions, and external sources like social media. As a result, marketing, sales and service departments will be able to more efficiently glean insights and share an enriched view of each interaction. Avanade will work in lockstep with Microsoft and Adobe to deploy a framework that unlocks the value of customer data and exponentially improves customers experience.

With the help of partners like Avanade, Adobe and Microsoft are helping enterprises reinvent CXM every day.

_For more information about working with Avanade to tap into the power of the Adobe and Microsoft partnership visit https://www.adobe.com/enterprise/microsoft-expert-ecosystem.html.