Expand content access, accelerate creation, and improve reuse with composable services in Adobe Experience Manager Assets

Expand content access, accelerate creation, and improve reuse with composable services in Adobe Experience Manager Assets marquee The global demand for content continues to rise. In fact, content demand is expected to grow 5x over the next two years. Most companies’ content supply chains are marred with inefficiencies, silos, and redundant processes with increased risk of inconsistent and unbranded content. Marketing teams are only able to meet current demand 55% of the time. Teams struggle to use automation to expand content across channels and regions. With the amount of content that needs to be created, teams, partners, and agencies need more effective ways to collaborate and govern without slowing the process.

Organizations face challenges with disconnected systems, lack of permissions, and manual processes that hinder content scalability. Digital asset management becomes crucial to unify assets, foster collaboration, ensure governance, and scale personalized experiences efficiently. The solution lies in a seamless interplay of approved content and controls that take organizational complexities into account while empowering individuals. A distribution portal with access controls is essential for content dissemination and integration, ensuring a unified user experience. Democratizing content access enables broader collaboration among teams, partners, and global members for downstream activities. With the increasing use of generative AI and other tools for content creation, a scalable digital asset manager (DAM) becomes even more vital to safeguard brand integrity and ensure compliance.

At Adobe Summit, Adobe Experience Manager Assets is showcasing new innovations aimed at enhancing speed, scale, and impact, enabling marketers and practitioners to expand content consumption and exercise greater strategic control over their assets.

Experience Manager Assets Content Hub for asset distribution

In an enterprise, the ability to use and consume brand-approved content across orgs, systems, partners, agencies, and any user is critical. Releasing soon, we are introducing Content Hub, a composable service, in Experience Manager Assets, which easily scales across all distribution use cases throughout the enterprise. Content Hub enables teams to easily discover relevant, approved assets through an intuitive portal and quickly adapt them to their needs. They are then saved back to the DAM, maintaining version controls. This empowers more employees to understand what assets are brand approved.

In Experience Manager Assets, we’ve taken this concept further by enabling in-content editing of assets, using simple Adobe Express templates with generative AI features powered by Adobe Firefly, which is designed to be commercially safe to scale up content and variation creation. For example, a marketer can select brand approved content, edit the imagery or background using Firefly to personalize it for a specific region, and then easily localize the language with Express. Now, imagine doing this for 50 other regions for 10 different channels. Experience Manager Assets makes variant creation radically simpler and scalable. Users can also collaborate and provide feedback without the manual process of downloading or uploading into different applications as they remix assets.

Dynamic Media for integrations and delivery

Delivering assets across channels is critical to meeting your customers where they are with relevant content. Experience Manager Assets with Dynamic Media, another composable service, provides seamless integration into your application of choice and delivery of rich media such as images, 3D, video, and PDFs. Dynamic Media offers API-based connectivity to approved assets, which can be accessed via an in-app dialogue – Asset Selector — giving users access to approved assets anywhere within Experience Manager. For example, within Experience Manager Sites’ document-based authoring surface, authors can use Dynamic Media to pull all types of rich media from Experience Manager Assets and deliver them directly in the Experience Manager Sites publishing service. These rich media assets will be dynamically optimized for device and bandwidth, so that they’re delivered with optimal performance. In addition, with Adobe Commerce’s integrated authoring experience, Dynamic Media automatically synchronizes within the commerce environment to ensure the latest approved assets are available for commerce experiences. Experience Manager Assets also provides data insights on where assets are being delivered, which helps marketers choose the right content at the right time for the right channels.

Intelligence with generative AI across content and DAM

Manually adding metadata to each piece of content limits scalability and impacts reuse of assets. To facilitate efficient search within your organization, your DAM requires robust metadata, smart tagging, and metadata schemas. Experience Manager Assets is expanding its authoring capabilities for admins to automate workflows and enhance search with AI-powered smart tagging enhancements, including optical character recognition (OCR) with image-to-text, logo detection, and alt-text generation. These advancements will significantly simplify day-to-day administrative operations, streamlining content management and enhancing search functionality across the organization.

DAM to support digital rights management

Digital rights management — including asset expiration, license management, and automated workflows for compliance — has become crucial in the era of generative AI. It’s essential to establish governance over assets and utilize technology to regulate access. Experience Manager Assets provides granular access control based on specific metadata properties, facilitating DRM initiatives. Experience Manager Assets is also providing native support for content credentials designed to ensure an asset’s provenance details are captured at the point of Adobe Firefly generation and remains intact throughout its journey through the enterprise content supply chain and beyond.

Data and insights

Underpinning all these use cases are data and insights which are needed at each step to understand how you can drive better asset search, which variations are generating the most engagement, or where that content is activated and delivered. Experience Manager Assets provides rich dashboards to show usage and ROI data points to help make data-driven decisions on assets so the next piece of content can be more personalized and more targeted.

The composable services in Experience Manager Assets can radically expand access to content while deploying enterprise-wide governance, permissions, workflows, and integrations.

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