New Adobe Journey Optimizer capabilities power personalized customer journeys

New Adobe Journey Optimizer capabilities power personalized customer journeys

A digital rewiring has taken place over the last couple of years. Consumers have shifted their daily habits, and interactions that were more traditionally conducted in person, like buying groceries, refilling a prescription, and ordering dinner, have shifted to digital channels. This shift in consumer expectations has had a significant impact on brands, which have had to rethink the approach to the customer experience. To be successful, brands have to anticipate and respond to customer needs in order to deliver a connected and personalized experience every time.

According to Adobe's 2021 Digital Economy Index, consumer spending is expected to hit $1 trillion online this year, and brands that want to win in this digital-first world will have to double down on the customer experience (CX). After all, these experiences are the currency of the digital economy. Great CX requires integrated technologies and cross-department collaboration to enable seamless, contextually relevant experiences across complex journeys that span the customer lifecycle.

Customer journeys in the digital world

Every interaction a brand has with its customers should be centered on serving the needs of the customer rather than on making a commercial transaction. Every interaction should inform and enhance the next one for a truly seamless, connected customer journey. Last year, we announced a new application built on Adobe Experience Platform to make that possible — Adobe Journey Optimizer. With Journey Optimizer, brands can design and deliver intelligent, next-generation CX that is relevant and engaging across the entire customer journey.

Consumers are in control of how they choose to engage with brands. Now Journey Optimizer customers can personalize interactions with consumers across more channels, including mobile, web, and SMS. Brands can create and deliver contextually relevant messages directly in an app or author and send text messages for seamless communications on the go. Native web support allows customer experience practitioners to create personalized web experiences directly in Journey Optimizer with an intuitive visual workflow and the ability to leverage the same shared assets, content, and offers as existing channels, such as email. With Journey Optimizer, brands can now reach the right customer on the right channel in the moments when it matters most.

Today, we’re announcing new Adobe Journey Optimizer capabilities to help brands unify the design and delivery of in-the-moment web and mobile application interactions for next-generation customer experiences. New innovations include:

We live in a digital-first world, and brands need to create cohesive, contextually relevant experiences with that in mind. With Adobe Journey Optimizer, brands can uncover business insights and deliver experiences that their customers value.

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