Take ecommerce from browsing to immersive and do it at scale.

Connect Adobe Experience Manager Sites to your ecommerce engine to make content-rich, interactive shopping experiences and quickly scale them across your digital properties.

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We work with all major ecommerce platforms.

Easily connect via API using our commerce integration framework.

Create truly immersive shopping experiences that easily scale across channels, brands and geographies.

Commerce engines alone don’t give you the tools to create rich customer experiences and creating, managing and delivering content across digital properties can take content authors days or weeks. If you’re ready to move your commerce experience from a list of product details to a personalised, interactive one, it’s time for ecommece boosted with Experience Manager Sites.

Create and deliver rich cross-channel experiences from one application.

Easily create and test content and layout options and deliver optimised shopping experiences across your digital footprint — no matter the number of websites, apps or commerce engines — from a single place.

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Make authoring easier.

Content authors can find, use and reuse product data — such as SKU details and imagery — within Experience Manager Sites, letting them create and edit experiences themselves, independent of IT teams.

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Go live faster with increased IT agility.

  • Easily connect to any number of commerce engines using prebuilt connectors and APIs.
  • Choose any content delivery mode — headless, traditional or hybrid.
  • Use industry-leading, out-of-the-box templates and core components, rather than develop new ones from scratch.

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Need to upgrade your ecommerce platform?

Adobe Commerce (Magento) offers advanced multichannel B2C and B2B commerce solutions from one platform.

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Personalise offers based on real-time predictive insights.

Tie all cross-channel data together — including behavioural, transactional, financial and operational — with commerce events for a rich, real-time profile, then apply AI and machine learning to predict customer needs so you can deliver better offers.

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“It’s wonderful that we can put out all of this new content quickly, but what makes it really special is that we can see exactly how customers respond and refine experiences accordingly.”

Joost van Dun, .Com Manager, Corporate Experience, Philips

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