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More purchases. Get both.

Customers want brands to “know” their every step and keep pace. But most often, as they switch from channel to channel, brands can’t keep up. Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, gives you a unified solution that lets you orchestrate every step of the experience — from discovery to delivery — across every channel, so you can stay ahead of the competition and make every shoppable moment memorable.

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Sell anywhere with omnichannel experiences.

Stay with your customers along their zig-zag journey from discovery to purchase and from one channel to the next. Offer the right content across these channels — all while managing everything from one platform. This way, your business can deliver omnichannel experiences that truly let you sell anywhere, any time. 

Manage and deliver a unified commerce experience.

Manage the multiple components of creating a great commerce experience. Create immersive and engaging content, offer an “endless aisle” of inventory and support multiple brands, sites or even hybrid B2B and B2C business models — all on one platform. Magento Commerce makes it possible to manage and deliver branded, mobile-friendly unified commerce experiences every time, everywhere — without waiting on IT.

Measure and optimise with commerce intelligence.

Measure and optimise your campaigns with commerce intelligence that enables segmentation and targeting to help you to identify your most profitable customers. With easily customisable dashboards that automatically update throughout the day, you can keep up with your customers’ evolving needs.

Gain operational confidence with scale and support.

The cost of slow performance on your busiest shopping day is simply too high. Gain operational confidence that your site and your data are secure, highly available and can automatically scale and support high traffic demands with Magento Commerce. Your internal resources will have more time to innovate and focus on what matters.

“When we reimagine consumer experiences, we can bring them to life because we are not constrained. Magento Commerce lets us bring our vision to life.”

Mark Teperson, Chief Digital Officer, Accent Group

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