Add a Direct-to-Consumer Webstore to Your B2B Business

About the Webinar

By the end of 2020, U.S. direct-to-consumer (D2C) commerce is projected to grow by 24 percent. In response, B2B wholesalers are embracing the D2C model to diversify their revenue streams.

Watch our webinar Add a Direct-to-Consumer Webstore to Your B2B Business, as Darin Lynch, founder and CEO of Irish Titan, along with Justin Eggert and Matt Loeffler of FORCE America, walk through the key processes behind creating a D2C-focused webstore, with topics including:

  • Understanding – and communicating – the business case for D2C commerce
  • Developing a pre-launch marketing plan for your webstore
  • Choosing a flexible, hybrid technology which supports B2B and B2C selling
  • Defining your functional requirements with key stakeholders
  • Measuring webstore performance across multiple dimensions

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