The Business Value of Adobe Acrobat Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms

About the report

The recent global health crisis drove organizations to urgently take steps to fully digitizemany document-centric business processes that still had manual and/or paper-based steps. Technologies that were previously nice-to-haves suddenly became mission critical to ensurebusiness continuity. As we continue to forge a path forward, organizations must reexamine thereactive solutions deployed during the preliminary stages of the pandemic and evaluate howcloud-enabled digital document and signature technology can be optimally and proactively appliedto transform business processes and lay a foundation for future growth, innovation, and agility.

It is critical to understand that simply digitizing documents and/or deploying automationtechnology is not necessarily transformational. It is possible for an organization to automatebroken processes and not take advantage of the efficiencies and digital experiences offeredby technological innovation. eSignature software is an example of a capability that was rapidlyadopted to ensure business continuity. However, realizing the full benefit of esignature solutionsrequires organizations to thoughtfully rearchitect the digital experience, including the adoption andintegration of technology up and down the value chain.

Electronic forms are a critically important technology for supporting digital documents and signingworkflows. Few aspects of digital transformation have as much impact on overall workforceproductivity and customer satisfaction as streamlining, simplifying, and automating the design,management, deployment, and tracking of user-provided data. Forms have long been the de factostandard for gathering information from people, whether employees or customers, and many ofthose forms require signatures.

IDC interviewed organizations that use the combined Adobe Acrobat Sign and Adobe ExperienceManager Forms (Acrobat Sign and AEM Forms) solution to understand the impact of digital formsand signatures on their business operations. Study participants reported significantly enhancingthe quality and functionality of forms with Acrobat Sign and AEM Forms. This allowed them toprovide a better experience for customers, employees, and other parties while providing supportfor digital forms more efficiently.

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