Marketing Attribution: Models and Best Practices

About the Article

For marketers, determining the what, where, and when of a purchase is easy. The harder task is defining the reason behind a purchase. Customers are exposed to a brand an average of 36 times before finally making a purchase, often interacting with multiple marketing channels and campaigns along the way.

With so many variables impacting a sale, it can be difficult to determine which interaction, campaign, or channel was the prime contributor that led to that conversion — especially if you have data only about the purchase itself. Marketing attribution gives marketers deeper visibility into which channels are most effective in driving conversions, which also helps maximize ROI. Attribution lets your team build a holistic picture of the entire customer path to purchase, from first contact through conversion.

This guide has all the information you need to start practicing marketing attribution, including an overview of the many marketing attribution models in use today and how your marketing team can implement them.

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