Improving Student Engagement in Higher Education

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Today’s students are more digitally savvy than any generation before. The Covid-19 pandemic only accelerated their skills, and very likely, their desire to have technology enhance their learning experiences.

To help colleges understand what this means for how they teach and engage these learners, Adobe and The Chronicle gathered a group of higher-ed experts and senior administrators to learn what's needed to instruct the students of today and tomorrow.

The Implementation Guide, Engaging a New Generation of Learners, provides actionable takeaways from the discussion to learn how colleges can rethink their academic programs and student engagement strategies in the near future by:

  • Understanding student expectations
  • Training and equipping faculty to thrive in a flexible environment
  • 'Flipping' the classroom to provide more hands-on work
  • Embedding inclusive practices
  • Bolstering digital collaboration

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