What are the greatest problems for agency website owners?

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For years, federal, state and local governments have been slowly modernizing websites to provide better digital services.

With the need for digital services emerging as the new normal, Government Business Council (GBC), the research division of Government Executive Media Group (GEMG), partnered with Adobe to ask over 150 federal, state and local government public officials involved in agency website operations a series of detailed questions about their websites.

The report provides the latest data and insights into key questions, such as:

  • What type of software are government website owners using for their content management? Open Source or Commercial?
  • What are the top obstacles agency leaders face to website modernization?
  • How satisfied are website managers by their agency’s ability to push site updates to applications when needed?
  • How did government websites function during the COVID pandemic?
  • And more.

To learn more, download the report.

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