Smart Tagging

Our smart tags tool automatically tags images, video and text-based assets with intelligent, business-specific keywords that go way beyond basic descriptions. Adobe Sensei leverages AI and machine learning to understand the content of an asset and provide relevant and descriptive tags.

A smarter way to auto-tag.

Asset tagging. It’s the bane of creatives and marketers alike. And while auto-tagging has eased the burden of many content creators, most solutions only apply generic keywords that do little to provide enough detail to quickly find the perfect asset.

Only Experience Manager Assets uses a self-learning algorithm to create highly descriptive tags that allow you to find the right asset in just a few clicks. Smart tagging uses Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence and machine learning framework, which can be trained to recognize and automatically apply both standard and business-specific tags to imagery, video and text-based assets. Adobe Sensei can be trained to recognize a business-specific image asset containing Mickey Mouse, and automatically add the “Mickey Mouse” tag. For video files, smart tagging allows users to click on automatically appended tags and jump to the point in the video where that object or phrase appears.

See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

Machine learning
Find assets faster with the power of Adobe Sensei. Advanced algorithms learn and adapt, automatically applying targeted, business-specific tags. 

Taxonomy-based search
Easily identify and retrieve assets with searches that use keywords and hierarchies commonly used by your employees and partners.

Automatic training
Automatically run training workflows to ensure the smart tags system is learning about folder assets and their tags.

Color-based Tagging
AI-powered analysis of images determines color composition and their proportions and automatically adds color values to metadata, while AI-enhanced search finds assets based on various color values like name, HEX, or RBG value.

Learn more about smart tagging in Adobe Experience Manager.

Using Smart Tags.

Using smart tags.

Discover more about how smart tags work. And how to make them work for you.

Learn more about enhanced smart tags

Enhance your search experience.

See how the smart tags algorithm improves your search experience, allowing you to find the assets you need when you need them.

Watch demo on using enhanced smart tags

Enhance your search experience.

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Digital asset management workflows

Get your assets to market sooner by easily creating workflows for planning, designing, reviewing, approving, and publishing.

Enterprise-grade metadata

Streamline the addition of metadata and improve your ability to find assets by defining cascading metadata fields or importing metadata in bulk from any third-party system or file.

Multilingual asset management

Enter a search term in one language and Adobe Sensei instantly translates it and delivers all applicable assets across all defined language libraries — even if your metadata is only in English.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Assets can do for your business.