Adobe experience cloud for healthcare

Personalize healthcare experiences to enhance consumer engagement

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The changing face of medicine video

The changing face of Medicine

Deliver individualized experiences when it matters most

Healthcare expectations are changing. Today’s consumers expect you to deliver the same degree of personalization they experience in other industries like retail and hospitality. Meeting this standard requires a technology solution that engages consumers with real-time digital experiences, empowering them to actively manage their health and wellness.


Adobe has a solution on the way.

49% of respondents said one of their top priorities for the coming year was to provide new service offerings that proactively help customers by intelligently predicting and preventing possible medical issues.


What we offer

A digital experience solution that will meet modern medicine’s needs

Adobe Experience Cloud will be expanding its capabilities to improve outcomes throughout the healthcare sector by helping medical organizations activate healthcare data, create new service offerings, and personalize patient, member, and provider experiences.

Key features of our upcoming HIPAA-ready healthcare offering include:

Data-driven responsiveness

The Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) will enable deep analysis of healthcare data so you can surface real-time insights and use them to continually improve the consumer experience.

Adherence to industry standards

Adobe Experience Platform provides proprietary privacy, security, and data governance capabilities based on healthcare regulatory requirements, allowing standardized use of data for the right purpose, at the right time.

Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare

Integrations with our technology partners will enable seamless data and workflow management, helping you to improve patient outcomes, reduce operating costs, and raise consumer satisfaction.

Digital Trends 2021 Report: Healthcare in Focus

Read our report and learn how COVID-19 circumstances put the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in a position to quickly innovate and initiate fundamental change.

Modernize your approach to consumer care

Patients and plan members expect to be informed and empowered about their healthcare choices. The ability to leverage health data sets helps modernize your entire approach to satisfying their experience demands.

Providers and health care systems

Using real-time updates to consumer data, you can deliver meaningful engagement and improved outcomes through notifications, reminders, and recommendations personalized to each individual’s unique healthcare needs.


Actionable data and valuable insights streamline your member management through automation, leading to healthier populations and reduced cost of care.

Life Sciences

From accelerating trial recruitment and increasing retention to improving treatment adherence through connected care programs, the ability to activate real-world data can transform your approach to patient and healthcare professional engagement.


Exceed patient expectations by unifying your online and offline engagement across any channel, using automation to power personalized experiences like program notifications and prescription reminders.

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