Adobe Campaign Features

Whether you’re new to cross-channel marketing or have experience in it, we know that Adobe Campaign can help you. Its powerful features let you create amazing campaigns that resonate with your different audiences across all channels and screens.

Email Management

Make email personal.

Improve your email marketing with personalized and contextually relevant messages. Use the native email capabilities in Adobe Campaign alongside your other marketing channels. With more complete data, you can deliver better email personalization and improve your email automation, deliverability, and reporting.

  • AI-powered emails
    • Powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe Campaign analyzes and predicts open rates, optimal send times, and probable churn based on historical engagement metrics.
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  • Dynamic content
  • Email creation
    • Create beautiful, personalized, and responsive emails in a variety of ways whether you do your creative and coding in-house or work with partners and agencies.
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  • Email deliverability
    • Improve the deliverability of your emails in real time based on feedback from ISPs. Take advantage of our deliverability features and expertise, whether you’re just starting a new email program, fine-tuning your approach, or preparing for critical, high-volume periods like holiday season.
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  • Email reporting
    • Use built-in reports in Adobe Campaign to quickly analyze email delivery and engagement data and share the reports on an automated or recurring basis. Email delivery data can also be exported to Adobe Analytics or other tools for further visualization and analysis.
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  • Email testing
    • Design A/B email tests using up to three variants to determine the biggest customer impact. Then, preview what your email will look like on more than 70 web, mobile, and email clients.
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  • Multilingual emails
  • Triggered emails
    • Automate transactional emails like password resets or order confirmations. Or integrate Adobe Campaign with Adobe Analytics to trigger real-time remarketing emails based on individual user actions (and non-actions) on your emails, apps, or websites.
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Cross-channel Marketing

Launch, measure, and automate campaigns across every channel.

Harmonizing all of your marketing channels is not an impossible task. With the help of Adobe Campaign, you can bring customer data from different systems, devices, and channels into a single profile. Then, deliver timely and relevant campaigns that meet your customers in the right places and right ways along their customer journey.

  • Campaign management
    • Manage multiple data sources, define your audience segments, and plan and execute multi-step, cross-channel campaigns through a drag-and-drop visual workflow interface.
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  • Campaign reporting
    • In addition to powerful, out of the box reporting templates, Adobe Campaign lets you create custom reports on a delivery, campaign, user, or segment level. Do descriptive analysis, summarize ROI and CLTV, or export data to Adobe Analytics and other solutions for further data visualization and analysis.
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  • Direct mail
    • Target and segment your audiences right in Adobe Campaign. Save time by adding your personalization fields for printing, fulfillment, and delivery through your direct mail vendor.
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  • Offer management
    • Create a rules-based offer catalog. You can manage offers by weights or priorities and cap how many times customers see a specific offer. Then personalize offers based on criteria like location, customer lifetime value, loyalty status, and more.
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  • Preference centers
    • Set up preference centers to make adjustments based on your customers’ interests and preferences. This helps you enrich customer profiles and manage contact fatigue.
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  • Mobile marketing
    • Use Adobe Campaign to streamline your mobile marketing activities, such as sending mobile-responsive emails, delivering push notifications, text messages, and in-app messages, and designing your app to integrate with Campaign using our mobile SDK.
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Segmentation and Targeting

Discover and delight your most valuable audiences.

Not all audience segments have the same needs or bring the same value. Adobe Campaign helps you use data to understand your unique customer segments and then craft the best campaigns to make meaningful connections with each one.

  • Adobe Analytics integration
    • Pass data from Campaign to Adobe Analytics, and use Analytics data directly in Campaign. This helps you understand your email in the context of your other digital marketing efforts, identify new and valuable audiences, and trigger messages based on statistically significant interactions.
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  • Audience segmentation
    • Use multidimensional targeting to create segments based on virtually any variable in a customer profile. Use these audiences in Adobe Campaign for use in multi-step, cross-channel programs or to share with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.
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  • Customer profiles
    • Use Adobe Campaign’s flexible data model to enrich your customer profile data and add new attributes or tables. Then, use these customer profiles for more accurate segmentation, personalization, and reporting.
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  • Data connectors
    • Connect to large databases and CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365. Or create custom data connections to your broader marketing ecosystem, including point of sale systems, e-commerce platforms, and offline programs.
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  • Predictive send time optimization
    • Use a continuously learning AI tool to learn more about your subscriber’s preferred times to receive messages. Choose between clicks or opens based on your marketing campaign. For example, maximize opens for announcements and newsletters, or increase clicks for discount coupons, sales, promotions.
  • Predictive Engagement Scoring
    • With predictive engagement scoring you can optimize segmentation and personalization for different types of campaigns to enhance customer experience and relevancy. Identify customer retention levels to determine if your customers are engaged or if they are showing signs of opt-outs and intelligently exclude profiles from campaigns based on their predicted unsubscribe rank.