HMRC & Adobe: Creating a world-class service for UK taxpayers.

Together, we’ll make tax simple, seamless and secure so you can offer a friction-free experience.


“Today’s government and public service digital leaders face fresh pressures and accelerated digital behaviours...

With trust in government waning even before the pandemic, excellent citizen-oriented digital experiences have never been more critical for restoring confidence.”

James Hanson, Head of Industry Strategy for Public Sector, Digital Strategy Group, Adobe

A friction-free tax experience for all UK citizens
What if you could improve tax-payer satisfaction levels, reduce calls to your contact centres and speed up your processes?

Discover how you can deliver fast, intuitive services tailored to each and every taxpayer, while bolstering the security of your IT infrastructure.

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The Total Economic Impact™ of Adobe Document Cloud and Experience Cloud

See what business leaders had to say about Adobe.
Forrester surveyed public sector decision-makers on the impact of Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud. The results? ROI of 205%

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Mapping the evolution of public sector digital experience

Uncover the trends shaping digital experiences and stay one step ahead | 2022 Public Sector Trends Report
Keeping pace with public preferences and unlocking next-generation government services has become an even-greater priority since the advent of the Covid pandemic. With the world still in a state of flux, our trends report offers timely insights to help public sector professionals reflect and improve on their strategies.

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Better connect citizens to HMRC services

Transform engagement with secure, paperless digital workflows

Take documents and forms online for a more efficient service. Reduce employee workload, reduce manual errors, and accelerate service delivery – all while providing a fully-connected frictionless experience for the end user.

Edit and manage PDFs, capture signatures, and automate audit trails through one secure, easy to use platform.

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Case study | Making taxes less taxing

See how Adobe makes it easier to file taxes in San Francisco
The city and county tax offices in San Francisco saw 10% more taxpayers use the new self-service tax portal, delivered by Adobe Experience Manager Forms.

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Our partnerships can accelerate your progress

Keeping up with digital growth | Personalised experiences start with a seamless partnership
Adobe and Microsoft have come together to unite data, content and processes. We can help you to transform your interactions with taxpayers and deliver the great experiences they expect across all touchpoints.

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Delivering experiences customers can bank on

Always on | TSB Bank deploys a digital-first strategy

With the help of Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Acrobat Sign and Adobe XD, this high street bank launched its government loan programmes ahead of competitors. TSB processed 140,000 forms in three months, replacing 15,000 branch visits, improving its services for consumers and SMBs.

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Making progress with digital transformation

Learning from the experiences of others | The future of digital banking in reach

What can a 165-year-old Spanish bank teach HMRC about digital transformation? More than you might expect. Data privacy and security are some key areas of operational similarity, of course. But beyond that, the experience of an organisation that knew it had to rapidly evolve to meet the needs of increasingly digital-savvy customers illustrates how to develop and execute successful strategies.

Like ensuring it experiments with ideas and learns from what works to make further improvements. Or generating reliable reports for senior managers to analyse. And being consistent across all its customer-facing activities.

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What does it take to grow customer engagement by 700%?

What does it take to grow customer engagement by 700%?

With in-app messaging you can open up new routes to customer communication | The Co-Operative Bank and Adobe Experience Cloud

Within two days of sending its first in-app message, 100,000 of the Co-Operative Bank’s customers had seen the communication. Since then, the bank has gone on to develop apps with accessibility in mind, and has witnessed significant increases in customer engagement.


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The importance of knowing your audience

See how the British Army is making recruitment more efficient and more effective | Video

Adobe Cloud is helping Capita drive significant gains for Army recruitment drives. The key to the success is knowing your audience, then creating content and digital engagements that meet their needs.

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Boosting your user adoption rates with accelerated learning

See how Vodafone used the Adobe Experience League to equip staff with digital tools | Scaling data training worldwide

Digital skills shortages are frequently cited as a barrier to transformation in public sector organisations. Find out how Vodafone called on Adobe to give staff access to key skills around analytics, audience management, and personalisation.

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Injecting consistency and control across customer communications

Creating consistent and documented processes | Sage’s inspired digital transformation journey

Sage is a UK success story. A global accounting and finance company with customers and operations, worldwide. Its communications and marketing teams rely on Adobe Workfront to standardise work processes to drive efficiencies and increase content velocity.
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Web analytics, versatile reporting, predictive intelligence and more

Get to know your most important success metrics | Adobe Analytics
We are all surrounded by data – more so than ever before. Making sense of it all is what matters most. And that’s where Adobe can help.

Only Adobe lets you mix, match and analyse data from the many and varied digital touchpoints you have with taxpayers. Our award-winning tools turn vast streams of data into insights that everyone can act on, making it easy for your staff by bringing it all together in one place.

Discover what versatile reporting, predictive intelligence and accurate measurement can do for your effectiveness.

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Combine analytics from anywhere in your customers’ journey: Fast

Why wait days, weeks or even months to analyse your success metrics? We’ll help you do it in seconds | Customer Journey Analytics
This is Customer Journey Analytics from Adobe. It’s a cross-channel analysis application that delivers customer journey data analysis compliantly, within seconds. That’s right – seconds. Using a unique Adobe identifier, the individual in question maintains total anonymity. Because the more timely and reliable your information is, the better placed you are to make the right decisions.

Lean on the wealth of experience we have in helping organisations worldwide to deliver better experiences and journeys for their customers – at scale.

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Hawaii state employees enjoy paperless processes with Adobe

Watch how Adobe Acrobat Sign helped the State of Hawaii saved $5 million
With Adobe’s easy-to-integrate Acrobat Sign for Government, state employees can process travel forms, pay checks, authorisation forms and any other state document electronically, saving the state an estimated $5M and reducing its reliance on paper by 24,000 pages a day.

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Digital experiences that put people first

How technology can deliver a positive result for people | The future of citizen engagement

Adobe’s Head of Public Sector Digital Experience for UK & Ireland, has written this article for the techUK website looking at the enormous potential of technology to create a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives.

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Develop an inclusive strategy to shift communications online

The shift to online has happened | Channel shift: helping citizens and customers to go digital
According to Ofcom, more than 86% of the adult population regularly use the internet. In the 18-54 year old age bracket, internet usage is now almost universal. These are people who interact with major tech brands day-in, day-out and now expect a great, digital experience from every organisation. Including the government.

This shift in channel preference is a significant opportunity for the public sector, from cost reduction to better services and more engaged citizens. Of course, not everyone is ready or able to use the internet and smartphones with ease, so we advocate the development of inclusive strategies that maximise the potential of the new channel shift while ensuring no one gets left behind.

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The rise of the chief customer officer

Developing a taxpayer-centric mindset | Six Government CCOs Worldwide Share Best Practices
Chief customer officers (CCO) are still relatively rare in the government sector. But those public sector bodies that have appointed a CCO are seeing significant benefits. Whether bridging some of the operational divides that prevent the sharing of information, or encouraging a customer-centric mindset that builds processes that make taxpayers’ lives a little easier. Find out how six leading public sector CCOs are modernising their teams and departments.

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Head of Public Sector, UKI, Digital Experience

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Strategic Account Director

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Strategic Solutions Consultant

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