Agile marketing, a responsive approach to people, processes and technology

The only constant in the digital economy is change. As new challenges arise daily, your teams must work in real-time to identify and satisfy customer expectations. On today’s front lines of experience delivery, an agile marketing organisation has become the mandate for delivering better customer experiences, faster.

Learn how CMO Jenny Storms is leading her team at NBC Sports by using data to stay agile.

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Aligning talent and resources around your customers

When you move to prioritise the customer, setting up an agile marketing organisation using the following transformational initiatives becomes critical, as opportunities to delight customers in unexpected ways can happen at a moments notice:

Reskilling team members

Providing continued education and training to employees surfaces their full potential as a workforce, accelerating the creation of innovative customer experiences.

Operational intelligence

Eliminating information silos grows cross-functional cooperation between relevant departments, opening access to data and insights necessary for rapid responses to changing customer behaviours.

Improving MarTech flexibility

Investing in marketing technology empowers teams to test, learn and react to customer data, streamline collaboration on complex workflows and reimagine cross-channel digital engagement.

Build a strong foundation to an agile marketing organisation


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Prepare yourself for new challenges and opportunities

On today’s front lines of experience delivery, creating an agile marketing organisation is one of many challenges your business must be aware of and prepared for, including the following:

Digital Economy

The digital economy prioritises the customer, making it imperative for you to establish the right customer experience management strategies and prepare for future disruptions to the status quo.

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Cookieless World

Growing your business in a world without 3rd party cookies means you must acquire customer data with consent and unify it across channels to deliver consistent and personal experiences.

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CIO+CMO partnership

Marketing and IT teams must align on CXM, with a defined path for MarTech capabilities, data strategies for real-time personalisation and systems integrations which nurture consumer engagement.

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