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Maximise your marketing investments with advanced AI.

Adobe Mix Modeller helps you to understand the impact of every marketing dollar spent across paid, earned and owned channels so you can confidently plan and optimise your marketing investments.

Unified marketing measurement with Mix Modeller.

Bring measurement and planning together in a single application to understand campaign performance, effectively forecast plans and optimise marketing channel investments with greater speed and confidence.

A complete view of marketing channel performance.

With predictive AI, Adobe brings marketing mix modelling and multitouch attribution methodologies into one holistic measurement approach.

  • Understand the baseline and incremental impact across paid and non-paid marketing channels.
  • Customise models at scale with Adobe’s unique AI-as-a-Service approach.
  • Easily measure different lines of business, regions and conversion goals with the flexibility to define marketing channels, internal and external factors and much more.

Forecast marketing ROI with confidence.

AI-powered scenario planning capabilities predict the optimal marketing budget allocation so you can confidently reach your business goals.

  • Create flexible marketing plans with customisations like campaign flight dates and minimum or maximum channel spend.
  • Compare and contrast different marketing scenarios to inform your strategic investments.
  • Continuously optimise by monitoring performance against plan and making inflight adjustments as needed.

Enhanced business factor insights.

  • Measure and forecast the incremental effects of external and internal business factors such as economic conditions or strategy changes have on your business goals.
  • Use self-serve capabilities to efficiently ingest data for factors such as external stock prices, unemployment rates, price changes or promotional calendars.
  • Easily incorporate your business factor projections to increase the relevancy and confidence of your scenario planning.

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“We continue to leverage our partnership with Adobe to optimise our marketing dollars and tap into powerful AI capabilities to pinpoint channels that provide the greatest return on investment.”

Lisa Melton, Senior Vice President of Marketing at AAA Northeast.


Questions? We have answers.

What does Adobe Mix Modeller do?
Adobe Mix Modeller is an AI-powered, self-serve solution that measures campaigns and optimises planning holistically across paid, earned and owned channels to help marketers improve marketing ROI.
What is unified marketing measurement?
A marketing analytics approach and technique that combines the data and insights from different measurement models into one holistic measurement framework. The ‘unified’ approach combines marketing mix modelling and multi-touch attribution with innovative bi-directional transfer learning.
What is marketing mix modelling?
Marketing mix modelling is an analytical approach that measures the impact of numerous marketing activities on performance metrics by determining the contribution made by each of the different marketing inputs or elements (the marketing mix) on business outcomes, then forecasts the impact of future marketing activities.
What is scenario planning?
Scenario planning is a way of preparing your business for the future by developing plans for various outcomes that may unfold depending on various factors. It involves identifying ongoing or potential changes in personnel, processes and environments and finding ways to respond to them.
What is multi-touch attribution?
Multi-touch attribution is an analytical approach that accounts for all the touchpoints on consumer journeys and designates a certain amount of credit to each channel so that marketers can see the value that each touchpoint has on driving a business outcome.