Online data. Off-line data. It’s all the same to us.

Stay in the know as your customers move from online to in-store and everywhere in between with streaming data collection that connects back to a single, unified customer profile.

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Your customers are trying to tell you something. Are you getting the message?

According to research from Forrester Consulting, customers interact with a minimum of eight touchpoints before finally making a purchase. Keeping up with them as they jump from digital channels to in-person experiences is difficult. Disconnected data points keep valuable insights frustratingly out of reach. Without cross-channel insights, you can’t pinpoint where conversion happened (or broke down), nor can you respond to changing customer needs and market trends — all of which happen at a moments notice.

The first step to staying on top of complex customer journeys is stitching that data together — all the data — so you have a complete view of how your customers act.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics simplifies complex customer journeys by connecting data from any and all sources — both online and off-line — letting you see the whole thing. It shortens the time it takes to uncover insights by stitching disparate data points into a complete, up-to-the-minute picture of your customer. With this complete view at hand, teams tasked with creating customer experiences can act on insights that were previously out of reach.

Here’s how we connect data into an elegant customer picture:

A unified dataset - Connect IDs from online and off-line channels, as well as across devices into a single, unified customer profile.

Flexible data modelling - Stitch and combine disparate data sources into one actionable data view using Experience Data Modelling (XDM) powered by Adobe Experience Platform.

Data-driven decision making - Pinpoint the touchpoints that impact conversion most so you can focus your resources on customer experiences that move the needle.

Democratised data access - Give teams the insights they need with unlimited breakdowns of any data element — without relying on a dedicated data science team to run SQL queries.

“We needed a complete picture of every person who banks with us, from their history to their needs, to how they move through the customer journey and that meant centralising our data on a single platform.”

Mike Gamble, Director of Analysis and Design

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Move to Person-Centric Insights with Customer Journey Analytics.

Dig beyond the raw data of any given channel to gain a deeper understanding of your customers as people. Learn how maturing your analytics practice by connecting web, mobile and in-person datasets under a common customer ID unlocks a complete view of the customer journey.

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