If you’re ready to move from marketer to experience maker, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can dive into a curated collection of study materials, organised into six lessons. And learn to deliver personalised experiences that wow every customer with their content, timing and relevance.

It all started in the back of a car dealership. Deciding to aim higher than just cars, brothers Enzo, Joe and Frank Demarinis opened a small chain of travel agencies. Their business did so well the brothers eventually sold it, retired and left to travel the world.  Sixteen years after their first foray, they decided to do it all over again.  But by then, the travel agency landscape had dramatically changed. It was now online.

Knowing little about digital channels, they brought in master experience maker Roberto Gennaro to work his magic. And work it he did. Their new business,, has grown into Canada’s largest independent travel company with more than 1,400 employees and 22 brands.

At the heart of their success are the millions of personalised interactions they deliver to their customers every day.

Master this marketing art to do the same for your business.

We've organised customer experience study materials into six lessons. Apply what you learn to your current situation, then dive deeper into the next lesson.



01 | Make every experience relevant.

Great marketing is all about making connections. When you make people feel special, they’re more likely to take the action you want. But if their interactions with your brand aren’t memorable, they’ll go elsewhere. According to Accenture, 41 per cent of customers switched brands because they didn’t get the personalised experiences they expected.  

While you can master providing one-of-a-kind experiences to a small number of customers, dealing with hundreds, thousands or even more will require some help. With the AI and machine-learning capabilities of a personalisation engine, you can delight every customer with the right offer or recommendation, exactly when they need it.

Learn how AI and predictive analytics can help you to deliver experiences that build loyalty, differentiate your brand and increase revenues.


AI-Powered Personalisation
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“With machine learning, we can monitor multiple channels and audience segments, reveal actionable insights buried in data and act instantly to help ensure that we’re delivering the best experiences possible.”

— Roberto Gennaro, Chief Digital Officer,


02 | Let your audience guide you.

To engage your customers in a meaningful way, you need to pay attention to what they want. Hear what they’re telling you. And speak to them individually. The good news is that AI can help you to discover the people behind the data, allowing you to create highly personalised experiences for every single person who engages with you. When you can do that, your customers are not only more willing to move through their journeys, it will be easier for them, too. This results in more conversions, higher retention rates and increased loyalty.

Learn how to personalise on a one-to-one level to deliver the kind of highly-targeted, relevant and engaging content customers demand.


Finding the person in personalisation
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02 | Let your audience guide you


03 | Build your foundation.

Experience is the greatest teacher. But no marketer has 10,000 hours to dedicate to any initiative.

What you need is a playbook for personalisation. A way to understand how to align strategy, people, process and technology to deliver the delightful experiences that make your customers return again and again.’s digital foundation allows them identify what holiday packages, activities or offers resonate best with customer segments, including net-new and existing customers.  “We segment all these users into different workflows to deliver the right message and something that is relevant to them,” says Genarro.

When you’ve reached this kind of of personalisation, you’ll serve as a shining example for others in the organisation who want to get started with their own customer-centric initiatives.


Learn the right strategies for achieving excellence at every step of your personalisation journey.


The Winning Playbook for Experience Personalisation
Read the guide (15-20 min.)

“I’ve got to the point that if I see X number of visits, I can already guess as to how many site conversions I can expect to get.”

— Roberto Gennaro, Chief Digital Officer,


04 | Do your research.

When evaluating which experience optimisation solution is right for you, there are a few key questions you’ll need to answer:

   • Does the solution offer the right mix of manual and AI-powered features?
   • Does it bring your data together into a unified customer profile?
   • Is it flexible enough to grow across channels and end points?

When you evaluate solutions for these capabilities, you can be confident that you’ll have the tools you need to begin pushing the limits of personalisation.

Learn what to look for in a personalisation solution, including what questions to ask and how to evaluate features.


How To Select The Right Experience Optimisation Solution
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04 | Do your research.


05 |  Learn from the leaders.

There’s nothing like a little inspiration to get us to act. To find the inspiration you need, you can look to and other companies that are already on their way to becoming personalisation pros. Like Royal Bank of Scotland and Vodaphone. Or Progrexion, which runs 12 tests concurrently to find the best experiences. Through good customer insights, they’ve seen a 14% boost in conversions.

Discover how six brands take personalisation to a whole new level, guided by customer preferences and behaviours.


Powerful Personalisation: How Brands Keep Customers Coming back
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06 | Prove business value.


06 | Prove business value.

When started retargeting customers via email with personalised offers based on user profiles, interests and history, they increased open rates, clickthroughs and subsequent time spent on their site.

As you evaluate personalisation platforms, look for equally strong returns. One way to is to learn from the experts. According to Forrester, three things set the best experience optimisation platforms apart from the others: the ability to test across different channels and touchpoints, the capability for advanced targeting and recommendation and the level of platform integration.

This kind of information can help you to make the case for investing in a platform that will take your personalisation efforts to levels you never dreamt possible.  

See how the leading experience optimisation platforms stack up and learn how to choose a solution that’s right for you.   


The Forrester Wave™: Experience Optimisation Platforms
Read Forrester report (15-20 min.)

06 | Prove business value.

Roberto Generro

About the experience maker

Roberto Generro

Meet experience maker Roberto Generro. Roberto’s the mastermind behind’s transition from traditional to digital marketing. And he’s one busy guy. As chief digital officer for the company, he leads their overall digital strategy, analytics, mobile app, website development and social media. He also serves on the San Francisco Bot Defence Council and is a public speaker on digital transformation, analytics, conversion optimisation, machine learning and AI. Roberto’s a big fan of Toronto’s many professional sports teams and of course, travelling.

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