Adobe Campaign and IT.

Great campaigns are the lifeblood of any brand. Adobe Campaign is the platform to help your brand on the path toward those campaigns and engaging customer journeys. Explore these IT resources for Adobe Campaign, starting with our point of view on IT’s place in the experience era. Then dig into technical resources.

Resources for IT.

Campaign Standard

Browse our resources page for Adobe Campaign Standard.

Campaign Classic

Look through the learn and support resources for Adobe Campaign Classic.


Learn how to implement Adobe Campaign Standard.

Product updates

Sign up for the latest Adobe Experience Cloud product updates.

Adobe SDK

Use the Adobe Mobile SDK to design mobile apps to integrate with Adobe Campaign.

Adobe Campaign FAQ.

What hosting options does Adobe Campaign support? How do each of them handle data storage and security?

Adobe Campaign Classic can be hosted on AWS, and Adobe Campaign Standard can be hosted on AWS or Azure. And wherever it’s hosted, Campaign securely stores and manages your data, following industry-standard practices for security design and ensuring that only SOC 2–certified data centers are used for hosting. Our hosting servers use non-routable private addressing and firewalls to prevent individual servers from being accessed. Plus, your data can only be accessed via multi-factor authentication by authorized individuals.

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How does Adobe Campaign support authentication management?

Adobe Campaign enables single sign-on using SAML 2.0, letting you use your existing directory services and identity provider. For Campaign Standard, you can use the single sign-on protocol for Adobe Marketing Cloud. And for Campaign Classic, you have other options like LDAP/Active Directory. Plus, Campaign supports two-factor authentication, password complexity enforcement, and access restriction to a particular range of IP addresses.

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Does Adobe Campaign integrate with third-party systems?

We provide a robust set of REST APIs for Campaign Standard and web services SOAP APIs for Campaign Classic. This gives you flexibility to integrate with almost any system. Integrate with the Adobe Mobile SDK to enhance your mobile apps so they can register subscribers and collect and send their data to Campaign. On top of all this, our Adobe Exchange marketplace offers several third-party connectors, extensions, scripts, and apps to enhance your Campaign capabilities.

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Which Adobe Campaign offering will best fit our needs? What are the advantages of each?

Adobe Campaign Classic and Campaign Standard can both help marketers build personalized cross-channel campaigns, integrate with Adobe Experience Cloud, and support real-time data transfers and batch transfers. Campaign Classic is geared more toward marketers with more advanced data needs or who need more customization, while Campaign Standard caters to marketers with straightforward data management needs. In any case, our sales teams can help you choose the best option for your needs.

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Campaign

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