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The digital experience conference is back, 8-9 June 2023 – London and virtual.

Media buyers want to connect ad experiences.

We’re the glue.

As advertisers, you face many challenges in the industry. Privacy regulations are increasing, omnichannel advertising is tricky, there’s a lack of transparency, and we all have to evolve our measurement strategies. Fortunately, we’re helping companies find success with integrated ad technology and more visibility. Progress and change are all part of the journey.

A comprehensive approach to advertising challenges

Chances are, you want to know how Adobe is going to help you navigate the latest industry challenges. Like transparency, measurement, and how to connect all your ads and experiences. You’ve come to the right place.

Media buying
Improve transparency and brand safety with the first end-to-end independent advertising platform that integrates all your channels into one view, from digital to TV.

Audience profiles
Integrate data from all sources — online, offline, third-party, or internal — and tie them into a single profile that’s shared directly with our ad platform with real-time activation.

Pass analytics data, like view-through and click-through, straight into the DSP and let our machine learning give your teams the insights to optimize campaigns.

Advertising is about making connections

Sure, the media landscape has changed. But it’s still about connecting the right creative with the right audience — with the goal of converting prospects into loyal customers. And today’s tools have become more sophisticated to help you deal with a more complex media environment.

Connecting every aspect of advertising is the holy grail. We’re talking connected data, channels, creative, and platforms. The result is better transparency, optimized media spend, and more brand engagement. That said, our industry is always moving, and if you want to keep up with the latest stories, feel free to check out our advertising collection at

“I’ve been in advertising my whole career, and all of the promises that were made throughout the decades related to how data would be used to really target people and identify what people are interested in is now a reality.”

Cindy Nowicki
Director of Digital Customer Acquisition, ServiceNow

Integrate the big three

A big part of a connected advertising experience is the ability to integrate the big three — analytics, audiences, and advertising. In the past, these three functions have lived in silos. Fortunately, our new ad stack has better integrated them all. If you’re curious to see how we do it, take a look at these two articles on our blog.

Advertising trends for 2019

We recently partnered with Econsultancy to explore the key trends in our industry. Here’s where you can read the full report. A few insights that we found interesting are the top priorities of advertisers. Forty-six percent say that content and experience management are critical. And 44% say that audience and data management are a priority. Which means that data and how you manage experiences are connected.

Behind the scenes with connected advertising

Here’s the good news, you don’t have to do this all alone. Today we have access to artificial intelligence and machine learning that can offer a wealth of insights and data processing, working behind the scenes to optimize your ad spend and bring all your advertising onto a single platform.

“Adobe Advertising Cloud already uses much stronger algorithms than any other solution that we’ve seen. Adobe Sensei and artificial intelligence amplify those capabilities by expanding our view and reach, as well as automate how we allocate resources, making us that much more impactful as a team.”

Mark Dawson
Senior Manager of Digital Optimization, Allianz Group

Advertising in the experience era.

Keith Eadie, VP & GM of Adobe Advertising Cloud, covers the state of the advertising industry with a plea for more focus on the consumer as we move into the experience era.

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