5 must-watch Adobe Summit sessions for personalized financial services

Creating an individualized customer experience on every channel is the key to success for financial services organizations. It’s also crucial to customer loyalty. In fact, 76% of customers report feeling frustrated when they don’t receive customized experiences — and frustration hardly creates strong relationships.

Financial services organizations struggle to achieve tailored customer experiences for three key reasons:

  1. Disunity among data sources
  2. Disconnected content creation and delivery
  3. Suboptimal cross-channel customer journeys, online or offline

At Adobe Summit 2022, company and partner experts analyzed these challenges and shared strategies and solutions to help attendees not just overcome them but also reach the optimum level of tailored customer experience.

We’ve put together a list of the most impactful financial services sessions from Summit 2022, which included speakers from industry leaders like City National Bank and Liberty Mutual, to help your organization optimize experience — and do it faster than ever.

Prepare for the future and uplevel your data and analytics strategies

Customer loyalty is a key resource in the financial services industry. It indicates the customer’s trust in you as an advisor and signals your ability to provide continuous support through all the ups and downs of their financial journey.

But how do you constantly stay relevant to your customer’s personal financial journey while still ensuring user privacy? Establishing that balance is something many organizations struggle to do, especially with the ongoing demise of the third-party cookie.

In the Summit session “Nurturing Customer Loyalty in a Cookieless World,” Adobe Customer Solutions experts Mehrotra Ankur and Nicole Glauser discuss what they call the “value paradox” and how the right foundation will help you connect your data to valued experiences for your customer. They detail inside information on how industries are responding to the removal of third-party cookies as well as how to ensure customer loyalty, trust, and brand differentiation in a changing online environment.

A core building block for the type of data foundation that Ankur and Glauser described is your customer data platform (CDP). But where do you start? And what should you look out for as you begin CDP selection?

Adobe experts Matt Skinner and Jerry Stoffl discuss this very process in the session “Creating a Roadmap for CDP Selection and Success.” They also speak about how to begin and develop comprehensive guidelines for CDP selection. Watch this session to learn the top criteria and capabilities you should look for and key questions your team must be able to answer before even getting started, such as:

This session will carry you all the way from initial CDP selection and implementation to cross-functional adoption, specifying best practices for each step of the process.

Connect content ideation through to its deployment

Perhaps your marketing team is ready and waiting to churn out content, but they are slowed down by the seemingly endless review and approval process. Or perhaps the delay comes from disconnected records systems and marketing solutions.

In a world where attention spans are decreasing and 500 million pieces of content are being created on average every day to fuel campaigns, financial services providers will not be able to keep pace with other industries — or their own industry competitors — unless they learn to overcome these roadblocks. This is best accomplished by connecting processes in one single, cohesive flow that speeds content creation and deployment.

An expert duo from Deloitte address this topic in “Welcome to the Era of Personalized Content at Scale.” In this session, Mike Brinker, Alicia Preston, Mike Monroe, and Todd Brownrout answer top questions about how data, content operation, content efficiency, workflow automation, and artificial intelligence are connected. This information provides brands like yours the power to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time — every time and across all channels.

Additional sessions teach you how to maximize success once these interconnected systems are established and tailored to your specific financial services environment. In “How Liberty Mutual Works Smarter with Adobe Workfront,” Michael LaBarge, director of strategic operations for the in-house creative agency Copper Giants at Liberty Mutual, demonstrates how the company’s marketing group supercharged content velocity while simultaneously building tighter connections with other business units across the organization. As a result, the marketing team has improved company visibility substantially and also fostered increased valuation of their own creative work within the organization.

Scale customer journey optimization with AI and data

With your data in place and work management solutions implemented, your marketing group will be ready to optimize the customer journey to build trust and loyalty for years to come. The final obstacle to overcome is scaling these solutions across all channels and for all customers.

You might wonder the best approach to scalability, especially in an industry that has traditionally relied on in-person interactions to build deep, lasting relationships.

Christopher Young, director of industry strategy and marketing for financial services at Adobe, and Joaquim Vilella Gallart, senior vice president head of marketing technology at City National Bank, answer this question in “Redefining Customer-Centric Experiences in FinServices.” In this session, they discuss how financial services organizations are approaching customer journey optimization. From using data and insights to anticipate customer needs to identifying opportunities to drive immediate business, watch the session to hear their journeys to becoming more customer-centric with practical tips, templates, and more.

Next steps

Implement recommended solutions

Although the process of creating personalized customer experiences can be daunting, it is vital for long-term success. These five sessions from Adobe Summit 2022 are must-haves for any financial services organization with this goal. Implementing the practical solutions detailed here will help you overcome the challenges like data disunity, content disconnection, and cross-channel ineffectiveness which have previously held you back.

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