Adobe’s new commerce innovations help brands deliver personalized commerce journeys

Adobe’s new commerce innovations help brands deliver personalized commerce journeys Digital commerce has continued to boom in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, running an online store has become significantly more chaotic. More brands are scrambling to create personalized shopping experiences that meet customer needs, all while navigating rising costs, supply chain challenges, and more.

At Adobe Summit, we announced the latest product offerings from Adobe Commerce, which are designed to help brands quickly adapt to changing customer expectations and other external factors that may impact their businesses. The new capabilities give merchants the agility needed to deliver personalized shopping experiences in real time so they can meet customer demands.

The upcoming product offerings from Adobe Commerce include:

AI-driven Product Recommendations and Live Search results

Today, buyers expect brands to understand exactly what products they are looking for. With AI-driven Product Recommendations in Adobe Commerce, B2C and B2B brands can suggest relevant products based on customer behavior, product sales, visual elements, or popular trends. Customers who are already using Product Recommendations to create personalized shopping experiences report 25% or greater increases in average order value and 15 times greater revenue driven by recommendations. Similarly, recently released Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei has helped B2C brands deliver fast, highly relevant, and personalized search results that have resulted in a 15% lift in conversion rate on average. Live Search is coming soon to B2B brands and will enable more relevant search results that consider customer-specific catalogs and pricing.

Build rich customer profiles with key data from Adobe Commerce

To help brands further customize shopping experiences, Adobe Commerce will connect to Adobe Experience Platform. This links commerce data, such as shopper browsing or purchase history, to Adobe Analytics, Customer Journey Analytics, Real-Time Customer Data Platform, and other Adobe Experience Cloud applications. It helps brands build rich customer profiles so they can deliver personalized shopping journeys that drive sales, retention, and loyalty. The capability will be available in the second half of the year.

New tools to help developers build custom shopping experiences

Merchants need to develop at a fast pace without introducing technical debt or complex upgrades — so we’re introducing an innovative new way to extend and integrate with Adobe Commerce. An API platform will allow developers to plug in new data sources and services to power the storefront, while App Builder will enable them to build cloud-native applications that easily extend Adobe Commerce APIs. Coupled with modern developer tooling and comprehensive GraphQL APIs, it will now be even easier to build immersive shopping experiences.

Extend omnichannel fulfillment and payment services experiences

Customers want the flexibility to choose how their orders are fulfilled, and that includes buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) as options. Leading retailers know that delivering end-to-end fulfillment experiences across channels for their customers and store employees can be a game-changer, but it can also be complex to orchestrate as it requires an integrated operations and technology approach. Store Fulfillment for Adobe Commerce by Walmart Commerce Technologies delivers an advanced BOPIS customer experience that can maximize store employees’ productivity by creating a seamless fulfillment process that increases customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and average order value.

A new version of Adobe Commerce (2.4.4)

The latest release of Adobe Commerce, coming in April, makes it easy for brands to scale quickly, helping both B2B and B2C businesses be resilient in an ever-changing commerce market. This new version is designed to exceed buyer expectations, even during spikes in demand. And it can process five times more orders per minute and handle extra-large catalogs needed by B2B and global businesses. Additional APIs and PWA Studio capabilities will give developers the tools and flexibility needed to create personalized, headless buying experiences.

Transform commerce with e-signing

Real-time purchasing experiences are critical to keeping customers in the deal and staying on top of sales cycles. Adobe Acrobat Sign workflows in Adobe Commerce are coming soon, infusing any scenario where contracts and agreements are a part of the buying journey with streamlined, simple, and secure e-signing at checkout.

These new offerings, coupled with the latest version of Adobe Commerce, are helping us set a future-proof foundation that will empower B2B and B2C companies to adapt as market dynamics — and personalize their commerce journeys like no other solution.

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