Introducing the 2022 Adobe Marketo Engage Champions

We are thrilled to announce the 2022 Adobe Marketo Engage Champions. These Champions are an elite group of passionate customers and recognized experts who are committed to helping fellow users. Becoming a Champion is an honor and an exciting career development opportunity.

The Marketo Engage Champion program recognizes 40 individuals that play key roles as thought leaders and influencers by sharing their expertise, best practices, and strategies with other customers in the Marketing Nation Community. This program gives them access to further leadership roles, exclusive speaking engagements, and influence in product testing and roadmapping.

When Marketo Engage Champions were asked about the difference this program has made to them, they talked about how it has accelerated their careers and helped them make meaningful connections.

“Being a part of the Champion program has given me access to both opportunities and an extremely supportive community of individuals that have not only helped me grow in my career, but have become a set of lifelong friends.”

Kimberly Galitz, Marketing Operations Manager, F5

“The Champion program has allowed me the chance to level up my skills within Marketo Engage and my career, but more importantly, it's given me the opportunity to connect with other marketing automation professionals and improve the industry, one relationship at a time.”

Enrico de Leon, Senior Marketing Operations Manager, Jama Software

“The impact the Champions program has had on my career is immeasurable.”

Brooke Bartos, Director of Marketing Operations & Analytics, Invoice Cloud

“The best thing about being an Adobe Marketo Engage Champion is the direct access to Adobe teams including product management and support. I have built relationships with the people who build and support the platform that I use every day, and I can go directly to them with questions, issues, and feedback. That's priceless.”

Amy Goldfine, Senior Marketing Operations Manager, Iterable

We invite you to create your own connections by getting to know the 2022 Marketo Engage Champions. Another great place to get started thinking about a career in marketing is joining the Marketing Nation Community. You can also check out educational resources from Adobe Experience League.