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More content creation and faster response times require hustle — in other words, increased content velocity.


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For Hyatt, providing great experiences throughout the customer journey is a top priority. And with the power to deliver optimised content on any device, they’ve made certain that journey is consistently engaging.

Streamline workflows.

Adobe Experience Manager

With more and more campaigns to manage across channels, you need to streamline workflows between your creative and marketing teams. Of course, you’ll want to do it in a way that doesn’t disrupt the creative process. Consider an integrated solution that can seamlessly manage all the steps of your production process — from content creation to delivery.


Adobe can help. Adobe’s connected workflows mean fewer distractions for your creative teams and faster time to market. The deep integration between Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud lets you create, review and approve assets from one location — saving time and effort. Access workflows from within Creative Cloud desktop apps like Adobe Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC and InDesign CC. And manage all your assets from a central location with Adobe Experience Manager.

Put your content at the centre of all you do.

Put your content at the centre of all you do

You need an easy way to manage a ton of creative assets. You’d like one place where everyone — marketers, creatives and outside agencies — can find what they need to develop consistent experiences across channels. It will take a robust solution to help you to keep every channel up to date with the latest images and video.


Adobe can help. With Adobe Experience Manager, you can easily create, manage and dynamically deliver engaging customer experiences across all channels - web, mobile, social and more. Digital Asset Management becomes easy when you can bridge your creative and marketing workflows,  automatically assign metadata tags to ingested assets and work with a single set of assets to serve unlimited variations across all devices - even store displays. Modern digital asset management makes it easy to quickly deliver creative content across all of your marketing channels.

Captivate across channels.

Captivate across channels

It’s important to deliver consistent experiences across web, mobile, video, social and other channels. And you need to do it efficiently. You need a solution that allows you to quickly build consistent brand experiences for all screens and devices without increasing costs and complexity. And without depending on IT.


Adobe can help. With Experience Manager, you can quickly and easily create and deliver content for desktops, tablets and mobile in one location — without writing code. Using the same content, Experience Manager creates sites and pages that automatically adjust to all devices. Update the source code once to implement changes for web experiences and mobile apps. There’s no need to update for each device or screen. Experience Manager allows you to captivate audiences across web and mobile — without separate development cycles.

The right content attracts the right audience.

The right content attracts the right audience

You have to know what’s working and what isn’t. Because when you understand how your customers interact with your sites and campaigns, you can fine-tune the experiences — or change course when something isn’t working. But to be that nimble, you need one integrated solution that provides the insights you can use to improve customer experiences and brand loyalty.


Adobe can help. With Adobe Target, it's easy to test two versions of content to find out which performs the best with your audience. And with Adobe Analytics, you can get real time content insights with our data visualisations and dashboards that let you see what content is resonating and creating compelling experiences. Ensure that you know what's happening as your customers make decisions, so you can create compelling experiences that drive growth.

Free your social butterfly.

Free your social butterfly

Customers have an endless appetite for engaging and authentic content. But it’s not easy for your team to create a lot of it quickly. You need a solution that lets you repurpose the authentic user-generated content that’s already being shared through social channels. Such a solution would save you time and help ensure that you have the relevant material that builds community and loyalty.


Adobe can help. Instantly gain access to billions of pieces of content created by influencers and your fans with Livefyre, part of Adobe Experience Manager and Experience Manager Communities. Tap into the beautiful, relevant and authentic content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Organise it in folders while you easily manage licensing rights. And build deeper loyalty.

All you need to get personal. Fast.

Adobe Experience Cloud

With mountains of assets and multiple campaigns across channels, you need to take control of your content, create personal experiences and deliver them faster.

Why Adobe.


Adobe’s integrated solutions give you all you need to deliver engaging, personalised and channel-optimised experiences across every channel and device. Create and manage large volumes of marketing assets from one location. Identify your best content with easy-to-execute tests. And get deep insights into your customers. With Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud, you can deliver the right experience to every customer, every time.


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