Campaign Orchestration

Create a consistent experience everywhere your customers are.

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You want to deliver personalized messages to each of your customers. But as people switch between channels, it becomes more difficult to make sure that happens. It starts by synchronizing your data, content, and channels, so you can always deliver a message that feels personal, whenever or wherever someone sees it.


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Virgin Atlantic

"When we’re looking at how we improve the flight experience, we look at that whole journey before they’ve even got to the airport and also when they leave at the other end. And one of the opportunities we identified to really enhance that customer experience was through our communications that we sent them pre-flight."

Claire Cronin, CMO, Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

We’ve got you covered — both online and offline.


we've got you covered - both online and offline

Deliver personalized experiences wherever you find your customers. To do this, you need to connect with them on every channel they choose — both online or offline. This ensures they have a consistent experience, whether it’s digital or physical.


Adobe can help. Adobe Campaign can help you keep experiences across all channels in sync. That means your online channels — like email, web, and SMS — match your offline channels like a call center, point of sale, or direct mail. And Adobe Advertising Cloud helps you allocate and optimize marketing budgets across channels by combining simulations and forecasting with Adobe Sensei. Then, tie programmatic advertising into your plan and expand your reach with retargeted search and display content to the best audiences.

See each customer. Completely.

See each customer completely

Your customers want effortless and relevant experiences at every touchpoint. But user data is often fragmented, making it more difficult to give your customers an experience they’ll enjoy. In order to consistently deliver relevant content, be sure to create detailed segments with consolidated customer profiles.


Adobe can help. Adobe Analytics lets you track customer engagement. Then you can integrate your insights with customer profiles in Adobe Target, giving you deeper personalization on all your channels.

Stand out by providing consistent experiences.


Stand out by providing consistent experiences

Today, customers are even more selective about messaging. To cut through the clutter and be seen, you need to deliver content-driven campaigns that resonate with your customers — in the right moment across channels. The problem is that most companies use different teams to run their campaigns, which can lead to inconsistent experiences. To overcome this, you need a system that can keep all of your assets together, so everyone on your team has easy access to the latest content.


Adobe can help. Adobe Experience Manager keeps all your content in one place, making it easy for everyone in your company to access the latest approved assets, so your content can have a consistent look and feel. Adobe Campaign makes it simple to deliver content to all the paths your customers may take — on any channel.

A little context can go a long way.


A little context can go a long way

You want to use your content as effectively as possible. So you need a way to test your experiences and find out how they’re performing on each channel. Better yet, you may want to look at how your customers move from display ads to your web or mobile channels. With cross-channel testing, you can test entire conversion paths.


Adobe can help. Adobe Target lets you test all your online channels, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. You can then integrate that data with Campaign, allowing you to deliver more content that is just right for your customers — at the right moment.

Show what your marketing is worth.


Show what your marketing is worth

One of the greatest challenges marketers face is showing the value of their business contribution. More than 70% of CEOs say that CMOs are always asking for more money, but can rarely explain how much business that money will generate. Tracking how your customers interact with your campaigns shows exactly how your marketing is affecting your overall business. It’s time for you to get the recognition you deserve.


Adobe can help. With Analytics and Campaign, you can track engagement metrics and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns across the customer journey. This means you know exactly which touchpoints are most effective so you can spend your money on the right experiences. That way you won’t overspend and can get the most out of your budget.

Heathrow Airport

"We’ve raised the average spend per customer by 60% because we’re better able to reach people with personalized deals and relevant experiences."

Stuart Irvine, Analytics and Optimization Lead, Heathrow Airport


Everything you need to give your customers everything they want.


Everything you need to give your customers what they want

Adobe Experience Cloud gives you everything you need to deliver consistent campaigns across channels. By making it possible for your data to communicate and keeping your assets in one place, you can deliver messaging that feels relevant to your customers, at the exact moment and on the channel they prefer. So you can meet your customers wherever they are and always deliver experiences they’ll love.

Why Adobe.


In the past, to create cross-channel marketing that is this unified, you would need to cobble together a series of individual solutions. Today, Adobe Experience Cloud unifies all these tools into one integrated solution. No one else offers such deep integration between analytics, cross-channel campaign management, optimization, and personalization.


Commitment isn’t a one-way street.

Make sure you select the right cross-channel technology partner. Read how in Making the Cross-Channel Commitment.

Let data drive your experiences.

No matter the industry, data enhances your ability to engage customers. See how various industries benefit from data-driven marketing.


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