Marketing solutions for manufacturing.

In a world where every component needs to be state-of-the-art, the powerful, personalised marketing experiences from Adobe Marketo Engage ensure every customer interaction feels custom built.


Why Marketo Engage for manufacturing.

Seamless buyer and customer engagement

Keep your audience engaged as they move across online channels like email and web, as well as off-line channels such as direct mail and outbound sales. Learn more 

Intelligent lead nurturing

It can take dozens of interactions before a buyer is ready to commit. Keep leads interested with an array of account triggers that automate the next personalised experience and track progress with lead and account scoring. Learn more

Unified workflows between sales and marketing

Create a seamless buyer experience across sales and marketing by making Marketo Engage the heart of your lead-to-revenue process, where sales can see marketing leads and engagement history directly within the CRM. Learn more

Guided investments to increase ROI

Intuitive dashboards, reports and analytics help you to measure buyer engagement and pinpoint revenue attribution. Learn more


2.5x Increase

Panasonic increased marketing attributed revenue by 2.5x


523% more

James Hardie built 523% more campaigns without adding resources


2x ROI

PELCO doubled marketing ROI

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Learn about all the features of Marketo Engage that help you to deliver highly personalised experiences at scale.


Customer success stories

Marketing, like any trade, is something you learn. Learn what’s possible with your marketing from these companies.

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