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If you’re ready to move from marketer to experience maker, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can dive into a curated collection of study materials, organised into seven lessons. And learn to create a consistent brand experience that’s everywhere your customers are.

Far too many people find online forms a cumbersome and time-consuming process. But not the customers of IDFC Bank  — thanks to experience maker Abhay Jahorey.

Before revamping the onboarding and enrolment processes at IDFC Bank, opening a savings account used to take hours or even days. “Now when our customers come on the website, they’re able to not only open the account, they’re able to fund it and within four minutes, start using it.”

That’s the kind of enrolment experience every business wants. “Simple, powerful, persuasive,” as Johorey says.


Master this marketing art to do the same for your business.

We’ve organised your Enrolment & Communications study materials into six lessons — each easily completed in 30 minutes or less. Work through one goal at a time. Apply what you learn to your current situation, then come back to take the next lesson.

01 | Assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Whether your organisation offers online mortgage loan applications, tax services or travel arrangements, you can make or break a customer’s experience with your digital enrolment forms and communications. A study by Dun & Bradstreet found that conversion rates surge by 19 per cent when forms are partly pre-filled for users. For IDFC Bank, that meant architecting their system so customers only had to enter their “know your customer” (KYC) data once. After that, it would automatically pre-populate for every product or service — on any channel. This kind of personal touch makes every customer journey look and feel effortless.

In just ten questions, you can identify your gaps in the enrolment experience — then learn to fill them with finesse.


Digital Enrolment Quiz
Take the Quiz (7-10 min.)


 “Effortless customer experiences produce an 88 per cent increase in customer spend.”

— Matte Dixon, The Effortless Experience


02 | Eliminate friction.

You know the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The first moment your audience pulls up a chair — or, more likely, a mobile device — to engage with you, it’s likely with an enrolment experience.  So it has to be great from the start.

The best experience makers identify friction points and transform them into opportunities. And they manage their communications and forms from a single, centralised system, making it easy to refine and streamline the customer journey at every single touchpoint.

You can too. Do it right and you’ll build a feedback loop of personalising, connecting, selling, cross-selling and nurturing a lifelong relationship. Harvard Business School found that just a 5 per cent increase in customer retention could lead to an increase in profits from 25 to 95 per cent.

Learn how a content-first approach and more connected communications keeps customers coming back for more.


Transforming Customer Experience with Personalised Communications
Read article (7-10 min.)

02 | Eliminate friction.


03 | Be consistent.

In this age of experience, you can’t afford to let your audience slip away. Every moment of engagement counts — including every form and ongoing communication. They all need to be seamlessly interwoven across every channel and point of connection. After all, your customers’ lifetime value is at stake.

Whether they’re filling in forms, completing an application, subscribing to a list or service or creating an account, you want to make the experience a positive one. Aim for a seamless customer journey that glides right along. Because if you introduce friction points, they’ll take their business elsewhere — long  before you have the chance to win their loyalty. 

Learn how to create an effortless enrolment process for your customers — and your team.


Effortless Enrolment
Read article (7-10 min.)

“We have a self-service model with the classic browser, website, mobile-optimised website and app site and also assisted digital, like our contact centres.  All of these touchpoints are seamlessly connected together.”

— Abhay Johorey, Former Head, Digital, Consumer bank, IDFC 


04 | Create unforgettable experiences.

Great performers know it’s all in the delivery.  For Johorey and IDFC, great performance means delivering a consistent brand journey and exceptional customer service — from emails to enrolment. A robust enrolment solution can help you to create engaging customer experiences from beginning to end.

As you explore ways to make enrolment and ongoing communications into something that’s not only painless but laden with possibility, you’ll need a framework fit for a lifelong customer relationship.

Learn what to look for and the questions you should ask when evaluating enrolment forms and management solutions.


How to Select the Right Enrolment and Forms Management Solution
Read guide (7-10 min.)

“We were looking for a technology solution that would integrate all aspects of the customer journey—which began from display and interest all the way up to actually activating the account. We did not want disparate technologies where you spend a lot of time stitching them together.”

— Abhay Johorey, Former Head, Digital, Consumer bank, IDFC 


05 | Learn from leaders.

Your enrolment experience should be more than a sum of its parts. No matter how stellar any one system, site, app, tool or platform is, your customers will fare best when every component works in concert with the others.
The application process at Investitionsbank Berlin is a great example. As the bank looked to better digitise applications for their customers, they sought a modern, proven solution.  They now have a system that connects to their SAP and CRM systems and even the German credit bureau. And with streamlined forms, they’ve reduced processing time by half.

You can see the same kind of results with a system that has built-in logic, responsive design and updates that can be made automatically from one centralised place.

Read how Investitionsbank Berlin realigned its customer focus to slash errors and processing delays.


Advancing digitalisation
Read customer story (5 min.)

05 | Learn from leaders.


06 | Prove business value.

As marketers, we all relish the feeling of a great ROI. When you overhaul just one part of the customer experience — like digital forms — you make the entire experience more convenient, unified and effective. And you improve your entire operations.

You’ll be able to onboard new customers faster — with a lower abandonment rate.  You’ll also rev up your organisation’s inner workings by lessening the labour involved in creating, updating and managing your forms and documents. It’s a win-win for your enterprise and your customers.

There’s a compelling business case for brilliant forms. See just how much is at stake.


The Business Value of Adobe Experience Manager Forms
Read IDC report (15-20 min.)

According to an IDC study, users of Adobe Experience Manager Forms see an average annual savings of $242,300 per 100,000 forms and documents submitted — and a 379% three-year ROI.


Abhay Johorey

About the experience maker

Abhay Johorey

“Be sharp. Stay keen.” That’s the first thing you see on Abhay’s LinkedIn profile. And as one of Abhay’s colleagues notes, he lives up to it, saying his mind races at the speed of light. Abhay looked after all things digital and all things payment, at IDFC’s Consumer Bank division in Mumbai until fall of 2018. That’s when Adobe, recognising his exceptional talent as an experience maker, recruited to head the company’s strategic initiatives.

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