Create experiences that fit perfectly together.

When it comes to multiple channels, customers are surfers. They jump from one channel to the next, creating countless opportunities to interact with your brand. It’s important that the right message reaches the right audience on every channel. So make your messaging consistent, no matter where they experience it.

Campaigns are nothing if not consistent.

For customers, making an informed decision about a brand takes only a few seconds. With digitally empowered consumers, those decision-making opportunities happen constantly. To help your audiences make the right decision about your brand, you need to meet them at those crucial moments. With the right tools, you can consistently deliver relevant experiences on every channel. Giving you the opportunity to guide your users throughout the customer journey.

Campaigns are nothing if not consistent

Create a lasting bond with your customers.

bpost bank

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A message that’s always relevant.


Making sure customer experiences are relevant might be more important than you think. As many as 96% of consumers receive irrelevant marketing. And 94% of consumers say they would discontinue their relationship with a brand because of it. The problem is that customer experiences are often disjointed, making it more difficult to deliver the right message to the right person. That’s why it’s important to stay relevant across channels. So you don’t just deliver the right message at the right time — but every time.

Email in context.

Email is critical for engaging customers. But keeping it in line with your overall message can be a challenge. Here’s what you need to optimise email for your cross-channel strategy:

A blueprint to take your email marketing to the next level.

The ability to use data and content from other channels.

A comprehensive and dynamic system for creating and delivering email.

See your customers through the data.

See your customers through the data

To get a clear picture of your customer, your data needs to work together. With an integrated system, you can synchronise your data to ensure your experiences are relevant, consistent and timely. So your customers can have a customised experience through email, web, mobile and more.


Digital Marketing has four elements.

One is Cross- channel marketing.

Customer experience is your brand.

Your customers remember their experiences with your brand. By delivering relevant messages to them, their relationship with your brand will grow. And if those experiences feel consistent across all your channels, that relationship will become even stronger. The trick is to have a system that can put all the pieces together for you. So your tools should be as consistent as the message you’re trying to create.


The best campaign is a consistent one.


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Many channels. One experience.

Customers want consistent customer experiences. Find out how you can take your customer relationships to the next level with content that feels relevant.

Deliver the best offer every time
Activate and grow your audience
Deliver relevant and timely experiences

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