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Build multi-channel commerce experiences on a single platform with Adobe

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What we offer

Flexible, scalable, and AI-powered commerce

Multi-channel commerce

B2B and B2C commerce with a single back end

Intelligent commerce

Real-time, data-driven, personalized experiences 

Scale and extensibility

Cloud-based to improve total cost of ownership

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What we offer

AI-powered commerce that’s flexible for the future and scales to any size

The way businesses and consumers shop has radically changed, and it’s going to continue to change going forward. This means that delivering personalized shopping and purchasing experiences with a flexible, scalable, and intelligent commerce solution is essential for growing your business. 

This is where Adobe comes in. Here’s how. 

Trust your digital experience to an industry Leader.

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Multi-channel Commerce

B2B and B2C commerce experiences with a single back end

Your business may be complex, but your digital commerce solution shouldn’t be. We help you create shopping and purchase experiences as agile as your B2B, D2C (direct-to-consumer), and hybrid (B2B and B2C) businesses.

Managing multiple global stores and brands is no problem. You can manage them all from one platform and deliver frictionless customer experiences across digital touchpoints, including web, mobile, and marketplace.

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Intelligent commerce

Real-time, data-driven personalization that improves conversion and retention

The best way to segment and target customers, and deliver personalized content, offers, and pricing to customers, is through our AI-powered intelligent commerce capabilities. 

Harness the value of your data by keeping it all in one place with data visualization, cloud-based hosting, and robust dashboard and report building tools. And identify your most valuable customers and see what they’re doing in real time so you can personalize customer engagements across all channels.

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Scale and extensibility

Cloud-based functionality that improves total cost of ownership

Deploy, scale, and securely grow your commerce business with built-in, cloud-based functionality. Our commerce platform seamlessly integrates with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), order management systems (OMS), and product information management systems (PIM).

And our headless architecture lets you deploy new front-end customer experiences across every channel and device, and lets you rapidly update storefronts and forward-facing content layers without interrupting back-end processes.

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“We now have 55 different sites with seven different language options, payment methods, and shipping rules.”

Theodor Tollefsen
Consumer Business Director, Helly Hansen

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