Social marketing

Connect with customers on the world’s most popular platforms and forge authentic connections through personalised messages, campaigns, sweepstakes and more.


Turn customers into advocates with powerful social marketing tools.

Engaging with customers on social media does more than move more units. Strong social marketing campaigns turn ordinary users into brand advocates who will evangelise on behalf of your company. To earn that type of word-of-mouth you need to truly connect with the person on the other side of the screen.

Adobe Marketo Engage helps you better understand who your customers are as individuals, empowering you to connect with them on a more authentic level. By engaging with customers using polls, sweepstakes and referrals programmes, you can get valuable knowledge about what makes them tick. Then, use those insights to build more personalised ads that speak directly to the individual, increasing conversion and building brand loyalty.


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Social sign on

  • Make it easy for visitors to fill in your website and landing page forms by using their social media profiles.
  • Capture richer data on your customers to improve internal routeing and segmentation for future campaigns.

Personalise your social ads

  • Increase your ROI with personalised social ads based on interests, intent, engagement and more.
  • Connect your customer behavioural data in the Audience Hub to ad platforms to create personalised messages.

Sharing buttons

  • Make it easy for customers to share your content with their networks using built-in social media sharing buttons and shareable videos.


  • Natively integrate with Facebook and take advantage of rich capabilities like people audience matching, retargeting, automation triggers and data syncing.


  • Reach and engage audiences across LinkedIn’s ad network with audience matching and LinkedIn campaign manager integrations.
  • Use built-in social listening features to trigger delivery of personalised messages based on a customer’s activity.

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