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Using Salesforce with Adobe

Your Salesforce CRM data is just one part of delivering the right customer experience in real time. And to succeed, it can’t sit in a silo. Adobe helps you connect all your data — including CRM — and put it into action to meet your customer's needs in real time, not after the fact.

CRM is not enough

CRM data is designed for only one part of the customer journey — sales.

Customers want relevance

They expect every interaction to reflect every previous interaction, even if it only happened moments ago.

Adobe unleashes your CRM

By uniting your CRM data with real-time behavioral data, we help you make the most relevant experiences.

How best-in-class companies do real-time customer experience

Watch Deloitte Digital's session at Adobe Summit about how businesses take back ownership of their data to harness the power of customer information.

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How Adobe helps you get the most of your CRM data

CRM on its own

CRM + Adobe

Connecting cross-channel data
Connecting CRM to non-CRM data is time consuming and labor intensive.

Tick Integrate all your data into holistic profiles.

Tick Access these profiles with any system in real time.

Identifying anonymous customers
Only captures interactions with customers who have identified themselves.

Tick Create identity graphs that span every device.

Tick Connect anonymous actions with known customers.

Analyzing cross-channel data
Customer insights are limited to only data recorded in the CRM system.

Tick Analyze cross-channel data in a single interface.

Tick Understand customer behavior, not device behavior.

Building personalized journeys
Customer journeys rely on the last data recorded in the CRM, even if it's days or months old.

Tick Create journeys based on behavior across channels.

Tick Personalize journeys on the fly with real-time data.

Predicting customer behavior
AI and ML models can only learn from CRM data.

Tick Train models on centrally governed customer data.

Tick Make predictions that reflect real-time behavior.

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Put your CRM to work with Adobe

With Experience Platform and our application services, you can use your CRM data in powerful new ways.

Data that matters

Power real-time experiences with our Platform.

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Personalization in real time

Activate real-time customer profiles for instant personalization.

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Behavior-driven insights

Analyze cross-channel customer interactions in one interface.

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