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Before T-Mobile became the “uncarrier,” they were just another provider fighting for a piece of the wireless pie. Then, in a move that turned the industry on its head, they ditched contracts and phone subsidies and focused on delivering the experiences customers want.

That bold move is paying off. Under the guidance of experience maker Giles Richardson, the company is now centring everything they do around the customer experience — complete with digital solutions to ensure content gets to the right people at the right time. “Content velocity is going to become increasingly more important at T-Mobile,” says Richardson. Already, they’re giving more people in the company the ability to create and deliver experiences live.

Giles Richardson

We work at an incredible pace, launching stuff and iterating very, very quickly. We’re able to pivot really quickly, where we take a concept, rough it out and get it into production in a scary, small amount of time.”
— Giles Richardson, Former Global Director of Marketing, T-Mobile

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We've organised customer experience study materials into six lessons. Apply what you learn to your current situation, then dive deeper into the next lesson.



01 | Grow your foundation.

According to IDC, 85 per cent of companies are under pressure to create assets faster. And 71 per cent are creating over 10X more assets to meet customer demand for just-in-time experiences that flow across screens, channels and geographies.

T-Mobile felt the same pressure and knew they needed to expand their foundation to support the demands of being an experience business. Since implementing a digital asset management (DAM), they’re able to discover, manage, create, personalise, deliver and measure performance of their content at scale and speed. Only by laying this kind of foundation will you be ready to immerse yourself in the techniques and tools that empower content velocity.

Explore how the right system will help you use content created for any channel to power experiences across the customer journey.


Become a content speed demon
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“The sort of digital experiences our customers want to see are getting very, very tough to achieve. The expectation is just at an all-time high and it’s getting bigger every day.”

— Giles Richardson


02 | Add DAM capabilities.

As a mobile carrier, delivering a compelling mobile experience is a top priority for T-Mobile. So high on their list of capabilities was support for responsive design. To truly achieve content velocity, you also need the ability to master multiple channels, streamline workflows, perfect personalisation and gain insights that help you to improve performance. A next-generation digital asset management platform (DAM) can help you do all this.

Discover the seven must-have capabilities for a DAM in order to meet customers’ content demands across channels.


The Seven Requirements of a Next-Generation DAM
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Goal 4 | Explore possibilities.



03 | Master the tools.

You strive to offer engaging digital experiences, emotional connections and personal journeys to each customer. But it’s simply not possible to do that manually. With the right tools, you can apply your skills in far-reaching and imaginative ways.

A dynamic DAM provides the critical toolset for your team to work more productively and securely and allow rich, relevant content to flow faster across channels. You also need feedback and intelligence on audience reactions — how your assets are being consumed and which experiences work — so you can continually aim for the optimal response.


Learn how a DAM can enhance workflows, automation, security and personalisation to speed delivery of memorable digital experiences.


Conquer the Content Deluge
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“We have a series of tools that allow us to understand what parts of the experience aren’t working. And then go in and fix those things in real time.”

— Nicholas Drake, Senior VP, Digital Transformation, T-Mobile


04 | Explore possibilities.

To manage the explosion of content, marketers must have a state-of-the-art DAM. By asking questions and investigating critical issues, you can select a DAM that helps scale content creation, enables re-use and supports omnichannel delivery of amazing experiences on the fly.

T-Mobile’s DAM allows them to simply drag and drop assets into templates, quickly building pages around images, snippets of code, text and other components. Your training now calls on you to assess where you are and which requirements and capabilities you need. Your goal: to drive remarkable content to each of your customers and prospects exactly when they’re looking for it.

Evaluate DAM solutions using Forrester’s report on 30 criteria.


The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience, Q2 2018
Read the Forrester report (7-10 min.)

Goal 4 | Explore possibilities.



05 | Learn from leaders.

In addition to the inspiring work T-Mobile is doing, there are other great examples from all kinds of industries that can help you up your content game.

The digital experiences customers want are becoming tough to achieve. Expectations are at an all-time high. And when you have thousands of assets, it gets tricky to find, share, collaborate and pivot quickly while making sure your content shines. A digital asset management (DAM) system can be a game changer, helping you to make the connections you need between your people, your assets and your customers.

Watch how three thought leaders and trailblazers increased their content velocity to exceed their customers' expectations.


Content Velocity Game Changer
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Learn from leaders.


06 | Prove business value.

The ultimate proof is your audience response. But before you can prove your ability to deliver personalised campaigns at breathtaking speed, you’ll need to put the final touch on your training — building a business case that shows the ROI from investing in a DAM.

For example, IDC reports an average of $3.17 million savings every year per organisation over three years ($10,838 per Experience Manager Assets user). For T-Mobile, the proof was in their higher click-through rates and average order value and in their meteoric rise from last to first place in JD Power and Associates’ Wireless Customer Care Performance rating for full-service mobile carriers.

You can start by learning how companies have accelerated time to value, reduced risk from outdated and unapproved assets and increased ROI. Make sure that you note the substantial gains they’ve achieved in content velocity, time to market and team productivity.

Learn how Experience Manager Assets helps organisations increase content velocity and ROI.


The Business Value of Adobe Experience Manager Assets
Read IDC report (15-20 min.)

T-Mobile boosted click through rates for phones by up to 16% and average order value by up to 56%.

Giles Richardson

About the experience maker

Giles Richardson

Those who’ve worked with Giles Richardson will tell you he’s a forward thinker. Proactive director. Inspirational manager. And avid sailor. Giles has spent the last 15 years working in data-driven measurement, optimisation and personalisation of the digital experience. While at Royal Bank of Scotland, he masterminded the hugely successful “Digital DJs” programme that put data and tools in the hands of marketers to create digital journeys. T-Mobile saw what he was doing and asked him to bring his experience maker skills across the pond to Seattle — a place he now happily calls home.

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