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If you’re ready to move from marketer to experience maker, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can dive into a curated collection of study materials, organised into six lessons. Take inspiration from the story of master experience maker Kamran Shah. And learn to deliver thousands of personal experiences with a unified, cloud-based experience foundation.

Connections are everything. Just ask Kamran Shah, former director of corporate marketing at Silicon Labs and master experience maker. Silicon Labs helps businesses and people connect to the Internet of Things. So when they were struggling to connect with their own customers at the speed or scale they needed, Shah knew it was time for help.

“Having great products makes people want to experience you,” says Shah. But he also knows you have to deliver those experiences in a meaningful and timely way.

That’s why he transitioned the company to a next-generation digital foundation. One that provides deep customer insights and the ability for marketers to act on them immediately. The company is now able to deliver thousands of personalised experiences to all kinds of customers at scale, in industries ranging from IoT to industrial automation to automotive.

Master this marketing art to do the same for your business.

We've organised customer experience study materials into six lessons. Apply what you learn to your current situation, then dive deeper into the next lesson.



01 | Captivate your audience.

Audiences are a fickle bunch. Their attention is short. To keep them engaged, you must nimbly deliver cross-channel experiences that are so memorable and personal your audience can’t help but be drawn in. Your success lies in mastering the art of dynamic content delivery. A powerful content management system (CMS) — one with dynamic tag management and AI — will be the essential tool that allows you to succeed in creating a consistent flow of content that connects and compels your audiences.

Study examples from leading companies and learn how to manage content and captivate customers.


Content for Everyone: How to Build Fluid Experiences
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 “Having an integrated DAM and tag management system is really powerful. The tagging capabilities for our content is a linchpin to our success.”

— Kamran Shah, Director, Corporate Marketing, Silicon Labs


02 | Deliver personal experiences at scale.

Thanks to new technologies, it’s easier than ever to give every customer a personalised experience. And with customer expectations rising all the time, it’s a must for any business that wants to stay competitive. The good news is that with the right CMS and the right training, you can learn to deliver continuous content that is relevant, compelling and highly targeted.

Learn to scale experiences through unified customer profiles, increased personalisation and cross-channel consistency.


Riding the Fast and Furious Flow of Content
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Deliver personal experiences at scale.


03 | Bring marketing and IT together.

Amazing experiences happen when you can create, manage and deliver content more effectively and efficiently. The Silicon Labs marketing team is now able to make changes that had traditionally been done by IT — increasing productivity for both sides of the house. With a next-generation CMS, you’ll be able to deliver content faster by breaking down silos and fostering collaboration between marketing and IT. You’ll also move forward on your path from marketer to experience maker.


Review the common types of CMS available and learn why a hybrid CMS makes it easier for marketing and IT.


Content Management for Everyone
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“The way we’ve built components, the marketing team can respond to a business unit requirement and push a change live within ten minutes.”

— Kamran Shah, Director, Corporate Marketing, Silicon Labs


04 | Choose the right CMS.

Investing in a CMS is a big commitment. And failing to get it right can have major consequences — for you and your organisation. But don’t worry, you’ve got this. Start by determining your priorities. One of the things Shah looked for was usability. He needed a CMS designed with the marketer in mind so they could control simple enhancements to design changes without burdening IT resources.

Use this buyer’s guide to help you further evaluate your choices, then keep moving forward with your training. By the end, you’ll have the answers you need to make the right choice.

Learn what to look for in a CMS, including omnichannel delivery, personalisation and other capabilities.


How to Select the Right Content Management System
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“I think the approach of building a platform that’s integrated, that improves the sharing of data across the system, is really important.”

— Kamran Shah, Director, Corporate Marketing, Silicon Labs


05 | Learn from leaders.

There’s much to be said for looking at what others are doing for inspiration and instruction.

Be inspired not just by what experience makers like Kamron Shah have achieved, but by how they’ve done it. The tools they’ve used are as important as the tactics. By using the entire suite of Adobe products, Silicon Labs is able to better understand their customers’ needs, address them more effectively and create deeper relationships. Other leading companies have done the same.

Learn how six amazing marketers are rethinking their strategies for delivering great experiences.

Learn from leaders.


06 | Provide proof of performance.

“When you’re able to go in and tell the C-suite, ‘We’ve done these beautiful campaigns with all this integration and all this great design work, but we’ve also increased the amount of kits that we sold this month,’  that is the ultimate in success,” says Shah’s colleague Dierdre Walsh, director of marketing and communication at Silicon Labs.

The company saw a 15 per cent conversion lift through site design and an uptick in traffic of up to 87 per cent in some areas.

As you evaluate your CMS choices, look for evidence that your investment will pay equally strong dividends. It will not only make it easier to get buy-in from internal stakeholders, but helps your own career when you prove you can hit ROI expectations.

See how organisations reach higher ROIs by creating and delivering more consistent digital experiences.


The Business Value of Adobe Experience Manager Sites
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Learn from leaders.

Kamran Shah

About the experience maker

Kamran Shah

Meet Kamran Shah, holder of 19 patents, board member for several non-profits and avid runner whose marathon best is 2 hours 58 minutes. Shah brings 15 years of engineering, product management and product marketing experience to his role as director of corporate marketing — and experience maker — at Silicon Labs.

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