Adobe Campaign success stories

We have to work hard to win customer loyalty in the travel industry. If they see a cheaper deal or have one poor experience, they are likely to move on to a competing site. Having Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics work in tandem helps us make sure we are delivering the best experiences possible, across touchpoints.

Roberto Gennaro, Chief Digital Officer,


Seventyone percent of our customers use more than three channels to interact with us. And it's actually us as a business waking up to that fact and providing solutions and experiences that reflect that omnichannel reality. We believe that relevant experiences delivered through the right channel are essential to building customer loyalty.

Robert McLaughlin, Head of Digital Analytics, Sky UK

The achievement I’m probably most proud of is my team. They are such superstars. With help from Adobe Campaign, we changed from a marketing function to an experience function.

Saul Lopes, Customer Lifecycle Lead, Virgin Holidays

The numbers speak for themselves. Adobe has had a tremendous impact on our digital marketing strategy.

Otto Rosenberger, CMO at Hostelworld Group

Before Campaign, Hostelworld struggled to send out 300 emails. Now, its marketers deliver more than 1 billion emails per year to customers worldwide at different points in their journeys.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Campaign can

do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Campaign can do for your business.