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We know what your next marketing campaign needs. Do you?

Adobe Campaign pulls together cross-channel customer data into a single view and then puts it to work to create personalized cross-channel campaigns that meet customers where they’re at.

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Take customers from curious to converted — all through connected campaigns.

Enhancing the customer experience means understanding customers, anticipating their next move, and delivering personalized experiences at the right moment. Adobe Campaign unites your data and gives you the tools to create and customize campaigns that do just that.

  1. Campaign workflows
  2. Email marketing
  3. Customer data management
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Once your channels work together, they work in your favor.

Start having meaningful conversations with your customers consistently and contextually across digital and traditional channels.

  • Use an intuitive interface to create and manage experiences.
  • Deliver meaningful and personalized experiences across channels — including offline.

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Rev up your enterprise email strategy with personalization and automation.

Deliver highly customized, personalized, and engaging emails that customers will love.

  • Use AI to predict open rates, optimal send times, and potential churn with the help of Adobe Sensei.
  • Bake email into cross-channel campaigns to drive engagement through the customer lifecycle.

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Create cross-channel experiences using the most up-to-date customer profile.

Pull data scattered across multiple channels into robust, cohesive customer profiles.

  • Use profiles to build and execute campaigns across online and offline channels.
  • Customize each customer journey based on real-time insights.

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Adobe Campaign Managed Cloud Services give you personalized attention.

Set the metrics, goals, and expectations you want out of Campaign that work for you. Get a team of experts as advisors to boost performance and productivity — while scaling to your peak seasons.

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Graphic showing Adobe Campaign’s generative AI assistant capabilities to design messaging for personalized greetings and body text. The output example says, “Hi Chelsea, Isn’t it time for an upgrade?” with a “Shop now” call to action button beside a water bottle.

The latest innovations from Adobe Campaign.

Deliver cross-channel marketing campaigns more efficiently with a new web-based UI, generative AI, and Adobe Experience Platform integrations.

  • Create audiences, design content, and orchestrate cross-channel experiences with a newly designed workflow canvas.
  • Create messages faster with a new WYSIWYG message designer enhanced with generative AI for full HTML email ideation.
  • Work more efficiently with a generative AI assistant that provides step-by-step product guidance.
  • Deliver campaign consistency by pulling customer profile attributes and activation-ready audiences from Experience Platform. Send performance data back to enrich the unified profile for faster analysis and activation.

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Here’s what makes Adobe different.

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Smart AI for seriously simple delivery.

Boost engagement using AI, powered by Adobe Sensei, to help predict the best send times and the customers most likely to engage.

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Native integrations so you can grow your own way.

Sync Adobe Campaign with other powerful Adobe applications natively to help you understand customers better and create a smoother process overall.

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Better together.

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Campaign + Adobe Experience Manager

Link Campaign with Adobe Experience Manager to create multiple versions of a single email, allowing you to email several segments simultaneously.

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Campaign + Adobe Journey Optimizer

Use Campaign data and one-to-one moments built in Adobe Journey Optimizer to integrate audiences — powered by Adobe Experience Platform.

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Campaign + Adobe Workfront

Speed up campaign delivery by pairing Campaign with Adobe Workfront. Make it easy for cross-channel teams to intake, collaborate, and execute.

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20% increase in online retention.

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Get a closer look at which organizations are seeing up to a 293% ROI with Adobe Campaign.

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