Your customer data has a story to tell. We give you more context, so you get more story.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics gives you more: real-time analysis of both online and off-line data, privacy-ready profiles and access for teams across your organisation. Now, everyone has the insights they need to create more connected customer journeys.

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Unify data from any channel — online and off-line.

The streaming data collection of Customer Journey Analytics follows customers in real time as they move from online to in-store to customer call centres and more. Then it unifies the data into a single customer profile and a comprehensive customer journey. The fully correlated data gives you unlimited breakdowns of any data elements so you can uncover deeper insights — all without writing SQL.

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Visualise the entire customer journey.

A simple drag-and-drop interface with flow analysis lets you map customer journeys in seconds — and get insights in minutes, not months — so you can understand how customers move across your websites and apps and their in-person experiences. Analyse their behaviours with rule-based modelling and algorithmic attribution to understand your most valuable touchpoints and recognise trends by comparing customers with shared characteristics using cohort analysis.

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Go deeper with the help of AI.

Give marketers, analysts and content creators tools to apply AI to their everyday tasks. Customer Journey Analytics applies AI to improve segmentation and attribution, help you to identify causal relationships between customer interactions and improve anomaly detection so you can quickly take action on outlier events that could affect your business. It also helps you to weigh metrics and evaluate action plans so you can grow or streamline your business.

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Make insights accessible across the organisation.

Now, everyone in your organisation can deliver experiences based on a complete picture of customer interactions. Our intuitive, collaborative user interface lets teams easily curate, share and schedule reports. Executives get real-time snapshots right on their phone with the Analytics Dashboard. And the patented data governance tools powered by Adobe Experience Platform, such as role-based access, give teams what they need to provide amazing experiences while protecting customer privacy and policies.

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Discover your most valuable customers.

Quickly discover new, high-value customers using real-time insights from Customer Journey Analytics. Publish customer audiences from specific events or campaigns or create new customer segments based on filters like actions, journeys and events — all with flexible dates and look-back windows. Then immediately activate those audiences through Adobe Journey Optimizer or Adobe Real-Time CDP. Close the loop from audience generation to activation and impact by analysing the performance of specific audiences over time directly in Customer Journey Analytics.

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Adobe is leading the charge in real-time customer analytics.

Adobe is named a Leader in its Forrester Wave: Customer Analytics Technologies Q2, 2022 report, citing robust data visualisation tools, a user-friendly interface and seamless integrations.

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