Adobe Marketo Engage features.

From cross-channel marketing automations to robust reporting, our tools let you deliver relevant content in real time, increase engagement and conversion and prove the value of your marketing efforts.

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Cross-channel marketing

Marketo Engage lets you co-ordinate engagement across channels both online and in-person so you always know where your customers are at every stage of their journey. Then you can connect with them in a way that always feels relevant.

Co-ordinate across multiple native, online and off-line channels to keep your customers engaged no matter when and where they interact.

Connect with customers on the world’s most popular platforms and forge authentic connections through personalised messages, campaigns, sweepstakes and more.

Liven up the inbox with impactful email campaigns that are personalised based on your customer’s real-time behaviour.

Set up, deliver and host interactive webinar sessions using an end-to-end virtual event marketing solution that’s built-in to your marketing automation engine.

Continue the conversation on mobile by taking what you hear from other channels and devices and responding in mobile for a more immediate, impactful experience.

Target the right customers with relevant, personalised ads no matter where they are across the web.

Maximise website conversions with proactive and personalised chat conversations designed for both lead and account-based strategies.

Sales intelligence tools offer deep insights into buyer behaviours to help sales teams be more efficient and effective.


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Reveal new target accounts, validate existing account lists and build the ideal customer profile — in seconds, not weeks — using AI-powered workflows and account-based marketing filters.

Bring sales and marketing together to co-ordinate account-based activities using centralised automations to deliver personalised cross-channel campaigns to your high-value accounts.

Confidently identify, target and connect with the right audience every time using AI-powered audience segmentation.

Deliver the highest performing content to your website and your customer’s inbox alike with the predictive power of AI from Adobe Sensei.

Create highly refined lead- and account-based audiences that update in real time so you can deliver hyper-targeted, dynamic content that increases conversion.

Target and retarget lead and account-based audiences across marketing and paid media plug sockets using fit, intent, engagement and CRM activity to reach customers with pinpoint accuracy.

Sales and marketing partnership

To give your accounts seamless, personalised experiences, you need to connect the dots between marketing and sales. By arming sales with prioritised leads, customer insights and content with a proven track record, both departments can collaborate better and convert more.


Create content at scale while still treating customers as individuals with AI-powered content personalisation.

Deliver personalised content for every site visitor, known or anonymous, to create meaningful experiences that speak right to them.

Deliver the highest performing content to your website and your customer’s inbox alike with the predictive power of AI from Adobe Sensei.

Content intelligence

Show customers you understand what they need in the moment. Marketo Engage uses real-time behaviours, profiles enriched with online and off-line data and AI to help you to identify and deliver the best-performing content to create 1:1 personalised experiences at scale.


Understand how effective each piece of your customer experience is with advanced data insight reporting, attribution and analytics.

Map the entire customer lifecycle, see how many customers are at each stage and who’s engaging where and quickly identify bottlenecks to optimise deal velocity.

Create highly personalised experiences by centralising marketing, sales, third-party and account data for a more holistic view of your audience.

Data and insights

Marketo Engage helps you to tie revenue back to specific channels, campaigns and even individual pieces of content so you can prove what marketing efforts are having the biggest impact—and improve the ones that are falling short.


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