Know where your customers are in the time it takes to read this.

Our cross-channel customer analytics solution helps you quickly understand your customers’ journeys — online and offline — giving you the insights to meet them with incredible real-time experiences at scale.

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Give customers what they want — before they even know it.

Data from any channel — online and offline.

Collect data from across all your engagement channels. Then put that omnichannel data to work as it gets standardized and connected into a complete customer journey — all powered by Adobe Experience Platform.


  • Streaming data collection offers up-to-the-minute customer views and behaviors.
  • Data collected as customers move from online to in-store to call center and more.
  • Fully correlated data gives you unlimited breakdowns of any data element across any channel without writing SQL statements.
  • IDs from multiple channels and devices are connected into a single, unified customer profile.

A view of the entire customer journey.

Interactively explore the entire customer journey — from end to end and across channels.

  • A simple drag-and-drop interface makes analysis customizable by anyone in minutes, not months.
  • Flow and fall-out analysis lets you see how customers explore your web pages and apps and when they leave, as well as in-person experiences.
  • Rule-based modeling and algorithmic attribution offer robust analysis of customer behaviors and help you understand outcomes.
  • Cohort analysis to create and compare customers with shared characteristics over time so you can recognize and analyze significant trends.

Customer journey insights with an AI assist.

Improve segmentation, get objective attribution, and understand what’s contributing to anomalies from data across channels with artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Understand cause and effect between customer interactions.
  • Evaluate action plans, weigh metrics, and create alternative models correlated to success and cost optimization.
  • Use anomaly detection to find irregularities and pinpoint factors affecting your business.
  • Embedded AI services designed specifically for marketers, analysts, and content creators make it easy to apply AI to everyday tasks.
  • Generative AI. Reduce time to value and reliance on analysts by leveraging GenAI capabilities for answering ad hoc questions and surfacing insights.

Insights accessible across the organization.

Anyone responsible for customer experiences can make decisions based on a complete picture of customer interactions — from web visits to purchases to customer calls to chats.

  • An intuitive, collaborative user interface makes data accessible and understandable to all teams.
  • Colleagues can curate, share, and schedule reports to go to specific teams.
  • Executives get real-time snapshots of data right to their phone with the Analytics Dashboard.
  • Patented privacy tools from Experience Platform enforce role-based access, protecting customer privacy while letting the right team access a complete customer picture.

New audiences. Ready for activation. Easy to measure results.

Advanced cross-channel analysis lets you discover new, high-value audiences that can be immediately activated through applications such as Adobe Journey Optimizer or Adobe Real-Time CDP.


  • Real-time, cross-channel data ensures up-to-the-minute profiles and audiences.
  • Create audiences based on specific filters such as actions, journeys, and events — all with flexible dates and look-back windows.
  • Publish audiences from analysis of a specific event or campaign, or refresh audiences based on converting attributes.
  • Analyze audiences’ behaviors natively activated over time through Real-Time CDP — directly in Customer Journey Analytics.

Real-time insights — specifically for product teams.

By leveraging unified workstreams, data, and customer profiles, product teams will be empowered to coordinate with their marketing and CX counterparts to deliver personalized experiences across all channels.


  • Empower product teams with specific workflows and dashboards that allow access to insights independent of analysts.
  • Identify trends and review with analyst partners to ensure the customer experience is as optimized as possible.
  • Use one solution for every team in the organization to increase collaboration.
Forrester names Adobe a Leader in Customer Analytics Technology, Q2 2022.

Here’s why you’ll love what we offer.

  • Identity. Collect and normalize omnichannel data — including behavioral, transactional, and operational — into a single actionable profile that’s ready for activation.
  • Analysis and insights. Explore the customer journey in full context to discover cross-channel insights in real time.
  • First-party data collection. Implement a future-proof cookieless strategy with a sophisticated first-party data foundation.
  • Privacy and trust. Market responsibly and comply with policies with the patented data governance framework of Adobe Experience Platform.
  • Real time. Process data immediately and deliver personalized customer experiences in seconds.
  • Personalization at scale. Deliver personalized experiences at scale using our data foundation, privacy governance, and activation tools.

More personal experiences start with our insights.

Use tack-sharp insights to build, optimize, and deliver personalized experiences to all customers — and do it with data from all of your online and offline channels.

Give every team what they need. And then some.

  • Marketers: Analyze customer behaviors online and offline. Use these insights to understand conversion, optimize experiences, and predict future needs.
  • Product managers: Get better product usage through a deeper understanding of customer needs and experiences.
  • Data analysts: Run unlimited cross-channel data breakdowns for deep ad hoc analysis to help drive improved customer experiences.

More power with generative AI.

Adobe Sensei GenAI for Customer Journey Analytics makes smarter, faster work easier. Here’s what it will do for you:

  • AI assistant – Generate natural language ad-hoc questions to query the data and quickly extract insights, without an analyst.
  • Intelligent Captions – Generate natural language insights that let teams capture the power of data storytelling.
  • Anomaly detection – Quickly find statistically significant, unexpected trends in your data.
  • Text-based insights – Get contextual insights instantly, empowering even novice users to confidently extract insights.
“The combination of Query Service, Data Science Workspace, and Customer Journey Analytics enables us to carry out powerful analysis and to do all the steps in one place.”

Andreas Stuht, Head of Ecommerce Analytics, OTTO


Customer Journey Analytics + Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Customer Journey Analytics gives you the real-time customer insights. Journey Optimizer lets you reach them with tailored offers — one-to-one or one-to-many — across any channel. And yes, you can reach them in real time.

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